Disaster in Uttarakhand

by Aaron



From 14 to 17 JUNE 2013,Indian state of Uttarakhand and near by received heavy rainfall.

the rainfall was above benchmark which is above 375 percent. Due to heavy rainfall led to heavy floods in Uttarakhand. However, the true causses of the epic tragedy is growth of tourism, rapid increase of roads, hotels, shops and houses. Unplanned construction and also deforestation are the reasons for landslide. Also rapid growth of hydroelectricity dams that disrupt water balances and this also triggered the action of disasters.

Steps taken by Government and Local community ....

The Army, Air force, Navy, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Border Security Force, National Disaster Response Force, Public works Department and local administrations worked together for quick rescue operations. By 21 June 2013, the Army had deployed10,000 soldiers and 11 helicopters, The navy had sent 45 naval divers, and the air force had deployed 43 aircraft including 36 helicopters.


822 were Deaths occurred in floods.

1800 were missing persons.

2232 has fully damaged house

154 bridges get damaged

1520 roads get damaged