The Putney Post

West Homer Elementary--5th Grade

Dates to Remember

February 19- "Blues in the Schools"---School Wide Assembly 9:00-10:00

February 20- District Art Specialist

February 25- KPBSD Budget Meeting 5:30pm @ Homer High School Library

February 28- Student Council Spirit Day---"Red Carpet Day"

March 5- Postcard Book Reports due

March 7- Teacher Inservice, No School (End of Quarter 3)

March 10-14 Spring Break

Classroom Happenings

This week was the first week in months we had daylight streaming through our windows during our morning math warm-up. Several of our math students have been tracking the increase in daylight over the past weeks, and there was a noticeable difference this week. Thank goodness our daylight is returning!

On top of tracking daylight in math this week, we broadened our understanding of fractions. We rounded fractions, added fractions with like denominators, and used models to add fractions with unlike denominators. I was impressed with the many connections students were making using models to show equivalent fractions.

We read A LOT this week. Instead of completing our usual reading stations, students spent a great deal of time reading and responding with their reading partner. This created the opportunity to get six chapters into the The City of Ember. Students are becoming more interested in the complexity of Ember’s problems the deeper into the book we get!

We started off our writing work this week exploring advertisements as a form of persuasion. We identified how the creator of an ad uses our emotions and logic to persuade us to buy their product. We also studied how advertisements include expert advice to persuade their viewer. By the end of the week students were planning a persuasive essay attempting to convince me why I should hire them for a particular class job. You may want to ask your fifth grader what class job they want and how they are using the three elements of argumentation to persuade me.

In social studies, we started our work with early English settlements. Students were fascinated by the story of Roanoke Island. The mystery is yet to be solved, but many of our fifth graders are determined to figure it out. There are historians in the making in room 317! We also explored the hard work and dedication that was required for Jamestown to be the first successful colony.

Our Valentine’s Day party was a huge success! Thank you to the many parents who provided treats and cards for our class. Everyone left school with a smile on their face!

What's Next?

We will continue our work with fractions next week. Students will be adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators (without using models). In reading we will continue our work with The City of Ember while focusing on the skill of “tuning into interesting words”. In writing we will develop a strong introduction to our persuasive essays. Finally, in social studies students will explore Plymouth and take their test on early English settlements.

There will be a school assembly, Blues in the Schools, on Wednesday (February 19th) from 9:00-10:00. Families are invited to attend.

Physical Activity Log

For the next three months (February, March, April) your child will be tracking his/her physical activity. The school nurse and P.E. teacher will be providing rewards to students who are physically activity for three 30 minute periods each week in the month of February. Students who track their physical activity, and who exercise a minimum of 30 minutes three times each week, will be rewarded with a glow in the dark wristband. This glow in the dark band will give students free access to a dance party at school.

Encourage your kids to be active, and track their activity, the month of February!

Basketball Skills Clinic

Saturday, February 15th

Homer High School Mariner's Basketball

GOAL: To introduce Homer youth to the great sport of basketball.

All boys and girls welcome!

Grades K-2---2:00-3:00

Grades 3-4---3:00-4:00

Grades 5-6---3:30-5:00

(Please arrive 10 minutes early.)

All participants need to bring the following gear:

-Clean tennis shoes

-Loose t-shirt

-Loose shorts or sweats

For more information please call 235-4631 or 299-4860

Discovery Lab: Life on Fire

Explore the myriad of ways people and wildlife from seabirds to salmon have adapted to living in Alaska's volcanic landscape at this free, hands-on program.

Wednesday, March 5th


Islands and Oceans Visitor Center

95 Sterling Highway, Homer

IXL- Math Practice Site

To get your child started on your home computer, please follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your child’s username and password and click Sign in.

Username: firstinital,lastname@westhomer (EX: eputney@westhomer)

Password:firstinital,lastname (EX: eputney)

3. Choose 5th grade.

4. Find a skill to practice that relates to what we have been covering in class.

IXL Skills to Practice This Week: M4, M5, M6