Jesus Garcia World Geography November 5, 2014

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El Ecuador is rich for it's history,Ecuador is known for hosting a variety of species many of them endemic, such of those of the Galapagos Islands. It is one of seventeen mega diverse countries in the world with most species diversity per unit. The new constitution of 2008 is the first in the world to recognize legally enforceable rights and nature or ecosystem rights,


Although approximately 94% of Ecuadorians were at least nominally Roman Catholic at the time , most either did not practice their religion or pursued a conversationalist version. Most Sierra Indians, for example followed a type of folk Catholicism in which doctrinal orthodoxy played only a small part. they belief in one God


Ecuador's official language is Spanish.

they say "hello" like this "Hola"

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Ethnic groups

Mestizos 71,9%

Whites 6.1%

Amerindians 7.0%

Montubios 7.4%

Aforecuadorians 7.2%

other 0.4%

Holiday and Festivals,Dance/Music, and Food

New year's day, Dia de los Inocentesy Reyes Magos, Dia del Civismo, Carnival, Easter, Labor Day, Independence Day, Corpus Christ, Primer Grito de Independencia, Guayaquil independencia, Columbus'Day, All Saints Day, All souls day, Cuencia independencia, Quito Foundation Christmas


Amor Fino popular song in Ecuador. Popular Folksongs are Pasillo, Pasacalle, and Yarabi.


Pork, chicken , beef, and cuy are popular in mountain regions, and variety of carbohydrates-rich foods such as: rice, corn, and potatoes.

What do they do for living

they work really hard both men and ladies for their families. They are very happy and generous people.


January 1 New year's Day

January 6 Dia de los Inocentes y Reyes Magos

February 27 Dia del Civismo

Carnival Monday and Tuesday before lent


May 1 Labor Day

May 24 independencia

June Corpus Christi

August 10 primer grito de independencia

October 9 Guayaquil independencia

October 12 Columbus' Day

November 1 All Saints' Day

November 2 All Souls' Day

November 3 Cuenca independencia

December 6 Quito Foundation

December 25 Christmas Day

THey celebrate i

all of this because of culture and religion.

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