3G News

January 5- 16, 2015

Happy New Year!

We were fortunate to gain a new student, Hannah, when we returned from break. All of the children have been so kind and helpful in welcoming her to our classroom and to Tatem!

Coming Up

No School Monday, January 19th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

If your child is interested in participating in Battle of the Books, please return permission forms by Friday, January 23.

The Student Council run New Mitten and Hat drive ends on January 30.

A Glance Into 3G

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a multiplication tree, so we built our own. Each day, the "tree" sprouts a new fact that we practice throughout the day.
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As you know, we are studying the life and work of Dr. King this month. In order to take our studies a step further, we are taking action ourselves. After given several options, 3G has decided to make and donate blankets to Project Night Night. If you are interested, you can hit the button below for more information.

As the letter you signed explained, in order to buy supplies for the blankets (we'll be making fleece "no sew" blankets), I have asked the children to earn $3 to contribute. We will be embarking on this project the last week in January, so please return money no later than Friday, January 23. Thank you so much for your support in this Service Learning Project!

For our visual learners, we created a bulletin board of each students primary learning styles. As you can see, we are a beautiful mixture of musical, visual-spatial, intra- and interpersonal, linguistic, logical mathematical, and bodily kinesthetic learners.
Writing Coaches continues to be a Day 5 bright spot. We have mentored our Kindergarten partners through all steps of the writing process for two books already!
The children have been practicing weather vocabulary in Spanish. Please enter the password: 3G in the space below to see a clip from Spanish class this week.
Continuing our unit on sound, we made whistles this week and learned more about the human ear. To simulate the purpose and function of the ear drum, we used a balloon stretched over a cup with salt on top. The children enjoyed making soft and loud noises to see how it impacted the ear drums vibrations.
We are wrapping up our unit on fractions this week. More specifically, major 3rd grade fraction concepts include: finding fractions of a whole, finding unknown fractions on a number line, identifying equivalent fractions, and understanding the concept of a whole in fractions.

In the photo below, the children used visuals to find equivalent fractions. Later in the week me moved on to comparing fractions without a given visual.

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What do you think Dr, King would say about our class service project?

"He would say 'you're such a good person for making my dream come true.'" ~Hannah

"This is amazing, I really made a good change in the world." ~Dylan