DeGolyer Details

Week of May June 1-5, 2015

Where Learning Is Delightful

2014-2015 DeGolyer Key Actions

1. Increase student academic achievement and close the achievement gap.

2. Increase quality use of data to drive instruction (Quality of Instruction).

3. Improve campus culture and climate.

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Action Items


Upcoming Events

6-01-15 ILT 3:30

6-02-15 SBDM 3:30

6-03-15 ILT 3:30 (2 meetings this week)

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Student Awards Schedule

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This Week's Duty

Morning Duty: 7:30-7:45

Cones, Carpool & Crosswalk: Mantecon, Byerly & Pacioretty - Dosker-Watkins/Newton (7:45-8:00)

Auditorium: Martin & Ortega, Palacios, & Cuellar

Foyer: Cederwall & Brinkman

Afternoon Crosswalk Duty

Report to Duty by 2:50 and Stay Until 3:10

Monday - K-2: Feasel 3-5: Brinkman

Tuesday - K-2: Benton 3-5: Mays/Wilke

Wednesday - K-2: Martinez 3-5: Newton

Thursday - K-2: Butler 3-5: McMillan

Friday - K-2: Dosker 3-5: Campbell

Spectacular Staff Spotlight

    • Shout out to Rangel, Katinas, Pacioretty & Pesina for collaborating on the "Newsletter Collaboration" last week!
    • Congratulations Mrs. Mantecon for being accepted into the Teaching Trust Ed Fellows Program!
    • Thanks to Ms. McMillan and Mrs. Cederwall for all your hard work with our re-testers! The results were awesome!
    • Shout out to Mrs. Pesina for your awesome survey you created for parents!

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    TEI Spotlight

    Are you interested in strengthening your TEI knowledge and instructional practices over the summer?

    Click on the link below and select an indicator that you would like to work on. Ms. Newton will find resources and send them to you by the end of next week. This will be a great way to get your summer learning/reading lined up!