Kingston Secondary School Snapshot

November 2019

Kingston Secondary School - Drone Update September 6, 2019

Project now 82-per-cent complete

While much of the work has now moved inside, construction of the new 171,000-square-foot Kingston Secondary School is now 82 per cent complete. Exterior concrete, masonry and metal work is almost complete. Inside, work continues on the installation of fixtures including student lockers, and drywall and interior painting is about 55% complete.The contractor has been working on the sports field as weather permits including the demolition of the former city library branch which is now complete.

New school transition complete

Four years ago, following the consolidation of the Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute (KCVI) and Queen Elizabeth Collegiate & Vocational Institute (QECVI), KCVI started a journey with the Class of 2020.

The plan was to bring together students from the nine KCVI and former QECVI feeder schools as well as new students coming into the pre-International Baccalaureate Programme in deliberate and meaningful ways to begin creating our new school culture.

It starts with a dynamic and engaging two-day introduction for all incoming Grade 9 students called “Get your BEARings." This orientation program is intended to allow new students to receive their timetables, lockers, complimentary city bus pass and walk through a typical day at KCVI. They have the opportunity to meet classmates and teachers before the first day of school and learn specific strategies for high school success. Student LINK Leaders help organize ongoing activities and experiences, face-to-face check ins with new students, and act as ongoing mentors and role models throughout the school year.

"We have seen firsthand the value of this program in supporting our new as they move through their high school career," says KCVI Student Services Head Bonney Morris Pocock. "Our students are fortunate to have already built our new school community within the walls of KCVI.”

These 240 students are indeed succeeding as a combined class at KCVI. Students now have access to growing programming options in all pathways and more students than ever before are heading to college, university, apprenticeships and the workplace. The school has built timetables that have met the needs of students in all pathways as well as expanding their opportunities in cooperative education, Dual Credits and School to Community programs.

“This important transition program between our newest students and more senior students has been so successful,” says Student Services teacher Tamiko Ferguson. “We look forward to seeing what the year ahead will bring for the classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023 as we prepare for our move to Kingston Secondary School.”

Gifting of wampum string for KSS

Thohohaken Dr. Michael Doxtater recently gifted Indigenous Student Leadership Course educator Michelle Leake with a string of wampum, to be shared by both classes of Indigenous Leadership students at LCVI and KCVI sites, as they travel onto Kingston Secondary School together. All the students and educators in the audience ran their fingers over the wampum string to show their commitment to building relationships. "This gift represents our relationships as Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples that inhabit this area" he stated. "What you do with this is up to you both now." Dr. Doxtater shared the meaning of Guswenta or Two Row Wampum. The string of wampum beads is in the Guswenta bead pattern.

Big picture

Save the date: International Baccalaureate Info Night set for January 9

The Limestone District School Board currently offers the IB programme at Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute. The program will move to the new Kingston Secondary School in September 2020.

KSS will offer the LPIB in Grades 9 and 10 to prepare students for the challenges of the IB curriculum. Potential IB candidates are introduced to IB course concepts and pre-requisite material in the years leading up to the Diploma Programme. Find out how the LPIB develops curious learners, encourages extra-curricular experiences and sets up students for success in the IB Diploma Programme. Any student entering the Grade 9 academic pathway may apply to the LPIB.

Join program leaders on Thursday, Jan. 9, 20202 at 7:15 pm to learn more about this globally focused and outstanding programme. Limestone has been proudly preparing IB grads for success at university and beyond since 2002.

The IB information session will be preceded by a general Grade 8 Information Night for all potential Grade 9 Kingston Secondary School students beginning at 6:30 p.m.

KCVI/QECVI Legacy Project

The artifact and document collection from Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute (KCVI) and Queen Elizabeth Collegiate & Vocational Institute (QECVI) represents 227 years of the history of education in Kingston and Ontario.

We recognize our responsibility to protect and document this history, so we have embarked on a Legacy Project. We began by launching our Legacy website last year with digitized yearbooks and other records. Visit the legacy site.

We invite alumni and former staff members to add to it with their own memories. Our aim with this project is to ensure that any item of historical significance is documented on our website and housed appropriately at the closure of KCVI.

Some items will go with us to Kingston Secondary School to be part of an exhibit that celebrates the history of KCVI and QECVI. As we work through these records we are uncovering the stories that made both these schools so important in this community and in the lives of its students and staff.

-By Joanne Whitlfield, Librarian

Make an investment in a student’s future

Before students even begin post-secondary, and well before student assistances comes in, there are almost $700 in fees, which often determine whether or not a student can attend.

To ensure that all of our eligible students have access to a post-secondary dream, we have created the KSS Launch Fund to support all students in the next phase of their education.

Consider making a donation to help fund:

    • School Supplies $50
    • College Application $95
    • University Application $150
    • Textbooks $250
    • Residence Deposit $500
    • Tuition Deposit $500
    • An amount of your choice
Cheques should be made out to: LDSB Charitable Trust (Memo: KSS Launch Fund). Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $2.

Please call 613.544.4811 if you have any questions, or for information on how to access the fund.