Happy Spring Day!

Monday Memo, May 9, 2016

Dates to Note:

Monday, May 9:
  • MMUN conference for 5th and 6th years
  • Primary Soccer Shots 3:30 - 4pm
  • Golf Practice 4 pm @ Cobblestone
  • Away Track meet with Hamilton and Eastside 5pm @ Prairie Heights

Tuesday, May 10:

  • MMUN conference for 5th and 6th years
  • LE Soccer Shots 3:35 - 4:15pm.
  • Positive Discipline with Brenda 6-7:30pm @ Green Farmhouse

Wednesday, May 11:

  • Golf Practice 4pm @ Cobblestone

Thursday, May 12:

  • Toddler Field Trip to Middle School
  • Away Track meet 5pm @ Canterbury
  • End of the season Track Pizza Party 7pm @ Pizza Hut on Coventry Lane

Friday, May 13:

  • Golf Match with CN, Angola, West Noble, 5 pm @ Cobblestone
  • Infant/Toddlers Closed

Monday, May 16:

  • Home Golf Match with Canterbury 5 pm @ Cobblestone
  • Primary Soccer Shots 3:30-4:10pm

Small Fry Banter....

Students going to and from P.E. in the Vic House....

Student #1 - Moving quickly down the hallway

Student #2 - Yelling to Student #1, "No running in the hallway!"

Student #1 - "I am not running, I am SPEED WALKING!"

A Second with Sarah....

2016-2017 Calendars

The faculty and school calendar are now available on the W drive. The faculty calendar has dates specific to faculty and also includes whole school dates listed on the school calendar. The school calendar has specific dates for parents. The school calendar is being provided to parents via the Admissions mailing this week.

August CPR Training

The annual CPR training will be held on August 2nd & 16th. If your certification is expiring, please be sure to sign up for one of the dates listed. See the list below of faculty required to attend. If you have a specific date that works better for you, it is encouraged that you sign up soon. It is first come, first serve. If you feel that your name should be on the list or should not be on the list, please contact Sarah S-C as soon as possible.

Andrea Deihl

Angie Black

Bonnie Fortune

Candy Slabaugh

Debbie Kovets

Diana McCreery

Elizabeth Green

Janet Canino

Jill Hoffelder

Jodi Lambert

Kim Green

Lisa Held

Lori Zacharias

Nancy Bradtmiller

Nancy Hathaway

Nefy Hathaway

Patrick Cole

Sandy Knox

Sarah Holland

Susan Dieli

Tia Matney

Tracy Reincke

The Importance of Disaster Prevention.....



A Hostage situation is when a person is holding another person against their will until a certain condition is fulfilled.

Hostage - In General

  • If hostage taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene.
  • Ensure the safety of students, faculty, and visitors in the area.
  • Call 911 and administration immediately. Provide details of situation and ask for assistance.
  • Leave the area of the hostage scene and prepare for a possible lock down or evacuation.

If you are Taken Hostage

  • Follow instructions of hostage taker.
  • Try to keep calm.
  • Cal students, faculty and visitors in the area.
  • Treat hostage taker as normally as possible.
  • Be respectful to hostage taker.
  • Ask permission to speak; do not argue or make suggestions.

A moment with Macy....

May Newsletter Submissions

Please have your level's newsletter article & at least 5 pictures to Macy no later than Wednesday, May 18.

Oak Farm Connects - Skating Party & Ice Cream!

Wednesday, May 18 - Start the evening off with some family roller skating at the Auburn Skatin' Station! The doors open at 5:00 and will close up at 7:00. $4 per person (includes skate rental.) On the way home, stop by Bowls in Auburn (near the movie theater) for a little cool treat - they will be giving a portion of their sales that day back to the school!! Not much can get better than roller skates and ice cream! Please post this in your newsletters/calendars this week, Macy will be sending home a half-sheet flyer too with students next Monday!

Work Week Childcare

Work week will be here before we know it! Please let Macy know if you plan on utilizing this. Remember, this is a week when it is not free - the cost is $16.50 per child, per day (8:00-4:00.) For staffing purposes, Macy needs to know this by THIS FRIDAY - May 13!


Only a few copies are left! Please let students know so they can buy a copy before we run out! $25 per copy.

Kickin' it with Kelly!

It's that time of year again to start thinking ahead to next school year. I'm taking paper orders and glove orders for your classroom needs so they can be ordered at a better price and available to you that first day of teacher work week. Please email me the quantity you need for your classroom/building for each of these two products. Right now paper is $24.99/case (which is $3 less then previous years).

A Bit of Ben's Business....

"Bee" on Alert for Bees on playgrounds. Please let Ben know if you see nests!!

Lifting it up with Lori Z!

Faculty: Last week to come cheer your Oak Farm Falcons in Golf and Track!

Thank you, Debbie & Diana, for your hard work with coaching!


Monday, May 9th

Outdoor Golf Practice 4pm @ Cobblestone.

Wednesday, May 11th

Outdoor Golf Practice 4pm @ Cobblestone.

Friday, May 13th

Golf Meet @ Cobblestone with Angola, CN & WN; hosted by Central Noble @ 5PM.


Monday, May 9th

Track Meet @ Prairie Heights with Hamilton & Eastside @ 5:00PM. Arrive by 4:30PM.

Thursday, May 12th

Track Meet @Canterbury @ 5:00PM. Arrive by 4:30PM.

CC and Soccer

Tell your 4th through 7th grade students they can sign up now for Fall sports!

Sitting Spot Word of the Week....

Connection (Noun):

A person who is influential and to whom you are connected in some way

Please watch the following Ted Talk that explains why every child needs a champion!

May Birthdays:

Ben Bollinger: May 5th

Michal Miller: May 21st

Debbie Kovets: May 24th

Kim Green & Meghan Dohring: May 28th