A Child Called It

By, Kelsey Wilson


The book A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer is about Dave and his childhood. Dave tells us about his terrifying life story. He had a normal life with a normal loving family up until the age of six. At the age of six his mother started treating him differently. She started ignoring him and treating him like he wasn't part of the family. His brothers even ignored him and acted like he wasn't there. The mother and father would fight because the mother started beating and abusing Dave physically. Dave shares some of the actions that his mother would do to him. Finally after the staff at his school took notes and made a case, Dave was removed from his home and got to live in foster care.


"As I looked at her, Mother snatched a carving knife from the counter top and screamed, 'If you don't finish on time, I'm going to kill you!'" (Pelzer 85)

"' You've made my life a living hell!' she sneered. 'Now it's time I showed you what hell is like!"' (Pelzer 41)

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