History and info about youtube

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By the great Matthew Scott

With help form danny's video

History of the site

There were three people who started youtube jawed karim, chad hurly, and Steve chen. The whole idea started after the there job at pay pal was sold and they all got a lot of money from the sold the place they worked. Then they quit and started making youtube

Fun facts

It is youtubes tenth year of being released and youtube was close to being a video dating site
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Have fun watching videos

How youtube came to be

When youtube stated it was a small website with very few videos.Then the added ads because they could not afford to be ad less.Next they fix up there dashboard.also GOOGLE took over youtube.Now they are a big website with millions of users daly


youtube is a very big thing.It can change and impact peoples ideas.Because there is alot of music.also there is many people who get together to make these videos.without youtube life would be hard because google would not be a big thing and it would be hard to share videos . Like the not so hunger games by Danny.
The Not so Hunger Games

The people who started youtube

Chad hurly,Steve chen,and jawed karim started the website so they can share videos with each other.Something cool is they all worked at paypal.

FyI i changed product to most subscribed youtube

The most subscribed youtuber is felix arvid ulf kjellberg aka pewdiepie. For posting daly videos he earns 8 million dollars a year. Half of that money goes to charity.He has over 36,000,000 subscribers.