The Life of Abigail Adams

by:Kayleigh Porter


Abigail Adams was many things in her life. She was a mother, a first lady, a wife and much, much more. Join me as I tell you about Abigail's childhood and family, her relationships, her education and her personality, also her adult and love life. I hope you enjoy reading "The Life of Abigail Adams" A true story.

Abigail's childhood and Family

From the day Abigail was born her parents knew she was going to be a humble, brave, and passionate young women, because she was a scopio. Abigail was born on November 22 or 11th of 1744. There are different dates because it is unbeknownst, but they have narrowed it down to just two dates. That started her early life. Abigail had three siblings. Her sisters were Mary and Elizabeth and she had one brother named William. Abigail was raised in a very caring family, her mother and father being Elizabeth and William Quincy. Elizabeth was a kind women against slavery and William was a priest. They all lived in Weymouth, Massachusetts. By the time Abigail was 5, her mother had taught her to cook, clean and sew. Also as a child, Elizabeth and Abigail routinely visited the sick. They also spent much of their time at church. That was how Abigails childhood started and she was definitely becoming everything her parents expected.

Education, Relationship, and Personality

As Abigail grew up, her life shifted. She started school, dating, and developing her personality. Abigail started school when she was 11 years old. Traditionally, girls did not spend as much time on their education as boys did. Her mother disagreed with that so she homeschooled Abigail. She was also homeschooled because she was indisposed so often. When in school with her mother, Abigail developed a deep liking for reading, writing, and politics. Then she started writing lots of letters and forming lots of friendships. Abigail's first date was with John Adams at the age of 18. They continued to date, and John started visiting daily. Abigail was young but mature and growing up fast.

Adult and Love Life

Abigail was considered grown up at 18 and she spent all of her time with her family and husband. She and John spent much time together and they got married on October 25, 1764 when Abigail was 19 even though William, Abigail's father, did not like John Adams. They were profoundly in love and had five children. Their children were Abigail Amelia Adams Smith, John Quincy Adams, Susanna Adams, Charles Adams and Thomas Boylston Adams. In 1797 John became the second President of the United States of America and Abigail became the First Lady. Because Abigail had always been so interested in politics growing up, she was very helpful to John. Her tact helped him to deal with the public as well. During his time as president, he spent much time away. Abigail and John sent thousands of letters back and forth to one another. They were the first family to live in the White House, although neither John nor Abigail liked it at all. They preferred the farm life and later moved into a farm house where Abigail became a 'farm wife' by working on the management of the household and farming. John and Abigail were married for 52 years before Abigail passed away on October 28th, 1818. John later followed on July 4th, 1826. That was Abigail's life and Abigail was definitely a humble, brave, and passionate woman, First Lady, and farm wife.

John and Abigail Adams Family

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As you can tell Abigail Adams was definitely an amazing woman, mother, First Lady, and wife. Who was against slavery and with America. A woman who was loved and supported by family and friends. A woman who helped make The United States of America the country it is today. Abigail had an amazing childhood, family, education, relationships, personality, adult, and love life. That I was happy to write. I hope you were just as happy to read it.


Fun Fact

Both Abigail's husband John Adams and Abigail's son John Quincy Adams were Presidents of the United States.



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