Room 3 News

Classroom Activity

September was spent learning routines and expectations of our classroom. We are slowly adding materials to the classroom to expand our learning experiences and opportunities. Children have been especially interested in sensory materials that we have introduced and scissor practice. We've learned many songs and read some fun books. We will be focusing on name recognition & writing in the next few months and noticing shapes around us as we explore the properties of shapes.

We really enjoyed the trip to the pumpkin patch and washed our pumpkins this week and a few kids were able to do some measuring activities.

We will also be starting our Shubert take home bag to help us get to know our classmates better.

Upcoming Dates

  • October 26-27- Evenings Conferences
  • October 28- No school - Care will be Open
  • October 31- Fall Parade 9:45
  • October 31 - Fall Party
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