The Mutt and the Gringo

Original by Kayla Dungee

Skin as white as ivory, against my burnished copper skin,

His feather-like fine hair rivals mine of tight ringlets,

But mutt and gringo do not mix.

His eyes as deep as peacock blue, with a smile that stretches latitudes,

Brassy hair with no flaws to spare,

But mutt and gringo do not mix.

He sees past my good heart, and my golden intentions,

Our differences derive from skin complexion.

Our cultures, our family, our customs,

Where do we even begin to intermingle?

I’ll just sit back and admire from afar, for the day you’ll realize -

Even mutt and gringo could mix.

If we just close our eyes, true love could begin,

One complicated mix.

Theme: Interracial love

Type of Poem: Free Verse

Poetic Devices: Simile (eyes as deep as peacock blue), Repetition (mutt and gringo do not mix), hyperbole (smile that stretches latitudes)