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Lately, there has been an increased number of cases of HFMD in our school community prompting concerns from staff/parents. The following information was provided by Delta County School District Nursing Services, based on information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). If you have questions regarding this or other health concerns for your child at school, please contact Nursing Services at the number below. Thank you for keeping all our children safe and healthy.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease:

HFMD is present in our schools every year during late summer, and early fall primarily affecting grades PreK - K, but can affect the higher grades too. Generally, "children will have mild symptoms for 7-10 days." (CDC) Usually, students are "most contagious during the first week that they are sick. Students can sometimes spread the virus to others for days or weeks after symptoms go away or if they have no symptoms at all." (CDC)

ALL of the following information was obtained from CDC website

SYMPTOMS. -- fever, along with flu-like symptoms, mouth sores, and a skin rash. Not all kids will have all symptoms, maybe only the rash.

SKIN RASH -- The skin rash is commonly found on hands and feet, but can also be found on legs, arms, and buttocks. The rash will consist of flat or raised red spots that are not itchy. Sometimes the rash presents in the form of fluid-filled blisters/scabs, which can contain the virus so it is super important to keep areas clean and avoid touching blisters/scabs.

FEVER and FLU-LIKE -- Children will present with these symptoms typically 3-5 days AFTER contracting the virus.

MOUTH SORES - mouth sores will be present initially as small red spots typically on the tongue, sides of the cheek, and back of the throat. These small red spots can eventually blister and become painful, which can affect the child when eating and drinking. The child may drool uncontrollably due to these painful mouth sores.

PREVENTION - wash hands for 20 seconds and often, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces often, and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

Parents should contact their primary care provider for any questions or if symptoms do not improve.

Exclusion from school is for a fever, mouth sores or drooling uncontrollably, per the State of Colorado. Attached is a document the State of Colorado Dept. of Education provides on sick guidelines.

For more information, please visit

Lorie Spencer, RN

District Nurse

Delta County School District 50-J

970-874-7607 phone 970-874-9505 fax

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