Exploration Stations

Working Individually at Your Learning


Here is a google doc with our basic brainstorm thoughts

Possible Weekly Schedule

Categories of needs


Spelling Stations

* Words Their Way

* Miss Spell's Class (IPAD)

Writing with Grammar

* students will be given a writing assignment where they can use their knowledge of past grammar lessons

* sentence fluency: Ex: start a sentence with a "ing" word

* Madlibs website

* Madlibs Directions

Book Club

Students will be organized into groups based solely on interests. They will read a variety of text at their level on their groups topic. Discussion and a sharing info read and discovered.

* Students will first take this interest survey

* Set up scoop it accounts (pinterest like for articles)


All kids will test and have an individualized reading and writing computer program just for them that will look at improving their individual strands for maps


Students will work on editing their own current projects or other activities from Daily Oral Geography

Grading Game: on Sandy's IPADS

Reading Comprehension/written reflection

* We can use our periodicals to work on reading comprehension along with

- paired text reflection

- compare and contrast

- cause and effect

- sequencing

- summarizing

- personal reflection

Map Skills


Geography Board Game

Discover USA