Willow Parent Bulletin # 6

October 9, 2020

Dear Wildcats,

I am so incredibly proud of how our youngest students in the district have gotten into a positive learning groove. They have mastered technology that baffles many of us and are showing growth in their skills. We know that after nearly six months off that there are gaps in learning and that the year has started differently from "in-school" learning. Willow sets the foundations for later learning. With this in mind we will be making sure those building blocks are solid. That also means that we may not move through the curriculum at the normal clip. The expectations remain as high as always, as does the dedication of the staff towards ensuring your child's success.

As we begin more assessing of students, it's paramount that we assess them...not you. We know it's hard to watch your child struggle and the temptation to give a hint or the answer is mighty. In the long run, it really doesn't help. If we are going to meet your child where he/she is educationally, we need accurate information on his/her performance.

Part of meeting your child's needs comes in the form of small groups. We utilize a lot of adults in the building to accomplish this. If you receive a notice that your child will be in a small group other than with his/her classroom teacher, this is why. The small groups allow us to tailor curriculum to your wildcat's abilities.

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We are still required to do the emergency drills that would normally take place during the school year. Sometime next week while your child is remote learning, you will hear his/her teacher say that there is a fire drill. The building will need to proceed with normal evacuation procedures. This is a great time to review what your family would do if there were a fire in your home. What would the escape plan be from each room? Where would your safe meeting space outside be?

The drill will be weather dependent. Tuesday's weather currently looks clear. We will have your child's teacher let you know in the morning what time we will practice.

October is Fire Safety month. The Homewood Fire Department has family-centered activities that you can find at: https://www.village.homewood.il.us/exploration-events/events/fire-department-open-house. There are also virtual tours, a comic contest, and information on how to make your home safe.

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This week's morning announcements come to you from our Psychologist, Bridget McCullough, our Social Worker, Wendy Aschinger, and our Counselor, Lindsay Lang. https://www.loom.com/share/cffe70b568104364a9360806dcfbff80


You should have recently received an email from Van Gogh Photographers that will have a link and code for you to access your proofs. Please check your SPAM if you don't immediately see it.

Retakes and anyone who missed the first day will be at the Sports Complex on the north side of James Hart. Retakes are October 19th from 2-5 PM.

Social Emotional Learning this week

Emotional development includes students’ experiences, expressions, and regulations of their own emotions, as well as the ability to understand others’ emotions and develop empathy. A foundational skill is the ability to identify and label a range of emotions in oneself and others. The ability to accurately recognize emotions in themselves and others can help students manage their own emotions and interact more competently with others.

Our goals for this week's lesson are:

· Foster awareness that emotions have external and internal cues.

· Foster awareness that emotions can vary in intensity.

· Promote recognition of own and others’ emotions.