Welcome to Mesopotamia

Come join Abby Cox, Kaitlyn Martin, and others today!

Our Achievements

One of our greatest achievements is the great cuneiform; the first form of writing! We also have invented the wonderful, beautiful chariot and the first ever wheel. We have even created the subjects of great intellect, called math and astronomy, which led to the first ever calendar. Without us, you wouldn't be able to know the date! The epic poem, Epic of Gilgamesh, was written here and led to many other epics being made. One of our previous rulers, the vicious Assyrians, built the first library, which contained many of our epics.

Geography of our Land

Mesopotamia itself means land between two rivers - and what an amazing land it is. Our two rivers that surround us are the Tigris and Euphrates. Our soil is rich like the morning sun, and we have a surplus of crops. We have the most delicious food you shall ever taste! You'll feel like you've just walked into the most beautiful ziggurat you've ever seen.

Some of our Rulers

Our Religious Beliefs and Economy

Social Structure

Our upper class consists of our kings, priests, warriors, government officials, and scribes. In our middle class lies the farmers, traders, merchants, and artisans. Enslaved people and criminals are the entire lower class, but they aren't important to our society (besides working for us).


So, please join us in the beautiful land of Mesopotamia. We're positive that you'll catch onto our culture quickly and we hope to see you soon!