Callie tosh

Forget the risk and take the fall

Who am I?

my intrest are mainly make up and hair right now. Im good at drawing, singing, cheerleading, and pageants. My values are my family, friends, and god. My self-essteem i have about an equale amount of self-worth and insicurity. My learning style would have to be hands on activities. Why should all these things be considered when deciding a career? I think you should consider these when chosing a career to see if the career really fits who you are.

Where am I going?

My career as a cosmetologist. This job is in the Human services cluster.In the beauty industry, a cosmetologist is more than just a hairstylist, they are people on the cutting edge of trends and styles in hair and beauty techniques, and they can transform their clients from simple to spectacular in a single sitting. My salary would be a mean annual wage of $26,790 per year.Through the year 2020, the BLS estimates that job demand for licensed hairdressers, barbers and cosmetologists will grow approximately 14%.The work schedule veries from how many appointments you have and how long they are gonna take. The work enviroment is manly indoors but can be outdoors depending on the client. My career is intresting because you never know what is gonna happen next.

How do i get there?

I would like to attend paul mitchell which is located in Fayetville, Ar. Why i would like to attend here is becasue they dont just teach you about make up but they teach you about hair and how to properly take care of your face and hair. Also, it is only about two hours away from home so i can go home when I get home sick. You would need about a year degree to be a cosmotologist. the tutition for a year would be around $15,000-$20,000. The scholarship I hope to qualify for would be the federal pell grant, which pay from around $602-$15,550.