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Teacher of the Year Nominations

Please use the link below to nominate a teacher for TMS Teacher of the Year!

TMS Teacher of the Year

SFS Self Assessment and/or Teacher Input Form - Repeat

To help John and Melissa complete your evaluations this year, please complete the following:

These are optional, but very helpful!

Please submit these before Spring Break!

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Q3 Gradebook Deadline

Quarter 3 Gradebooks will close automatically on Wednesday, March 15th at 11:59 pm.

Please have your Quarter 3 grades updated and recalculated!

Accounts Close April 14th

All purchases for the year need to be submitted by April 14th.

All Fee money needs to be used by April 14th.

eLearning Day 4/21/23

Our eLearning Day on 4/21 will be a little different than the PD days we have had this year.
  • Teachers need to have their lessons posted by 3:00pm on 4/20 (the day before).
  • Assignments should be due Tuesday, 4/25.
  • All staff needs to report to the building. This is an eLearning for students only.
  • This will be primarily a staff work day. Teachers can use this time for collaboration, scope and sequence work, creating finals, etc. (Even starting to purge for the construction project!)
  • Teacher Office hours will be 8:00am-9:00am and 1:00pm-2:00pm


Pursuant to IC 20-31-3-1, stakeholder committees (e.g., educators, parents, community members) prioritized the Indiana Academic Standards for kindergarten through grade 12 with the goal of defining no more than 75% of these standards for each grade level or course. Committees also defined recommendations for no more than 33% of the standards as “essential” for mastery by the end of each grade level or course. All recommended standards for mathematics, English/language arts, and two social studies courses will be available for public comment beginning March 2. Please review the full public comment schedule for when all recommended standards will be accessible. Contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions.

ILEARN scoring opportunity

This opportunity will be remote and will occur from Monday, April 17, through Friday, May 19, during the ILEARN hand scoring window.

Applications must be submitted by Thursday, March 16.

More information can be found in the frequently asked questions document and webinar.

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Bill Ferriter recently shared this simple tool for students to reflect on their work. You can link to the complete rubric and make a copy here. While self-evaluation is considered to be helpful for student metacognition and reflection, it's often easier said than done. Hopefully, this tool can help.
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March 9th Fire Drill

Thank you for your participation in yesterday's fire drill. We attempt to do our drills at a variety of times, and this one just happened to fall during club time, which prompted many teachers to ask "what do I do with my students that I sent to clubs?" It's a good question! Three things to consider: 1) whenever you give permission for a student to go to another teacher/room, that teacher is now responsible for that student's safety. This morning, that means that club sponsors are in charge. 2) Kikta and I walk the interior of the building whenever we evacuate the building, checking classes, bathrooms, nooks, and crannies to make sure students are out, so theoretically, NO students should be in the building, and 3) even with those two things, club sponsors should have some record of who is attending their clubs regularly. We know these things can change week to week, but even so, having some record of who is a "regular attendee" is important for a stiuation like this morning!

Passes in the Halls

Friendly reminder that any student in the halls should have a pass. This may be a handwritten pass, or a laminated pass, or a "paddle pass," but something should signify your permission to have them out of class.

If a student is found to not have a pass in the halls, they may be walked by a staff member back to your classroom to have a pass written for them, or brought down to the office. Please be proactive in ensuring our students are safe and accounted for throughout the day!

Finally, if you need more passes for your classroom, please let Mrs. Wesner know and she can assist in getting you more pads o

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Nothing to Report
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Weekly Legislative Updates

Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) produces a weekly update on the bills that affect education. These are generally less than 20 minutes. You can find the latest linked below.

MARCH 10th

Important Dates

3/10 End of Q3

3/13 Faculty Meeting

3/14 School Board Meeting

3/15 Grades Due

3/20 Leadership Meeting

3/20-23 Flex Days

3/24 - 4/2 Spring Break

4/10 Faculty Meeting

4/11 School Board Meeting

4/17 Leadership Meeting



4/21 eLearning Day (Prom)



5/8 Faculty Meeting

5/9 iReady

5/9 School Board Meeting

5/11 iReady

5/22 Leadership Meeting

5/26 Students Last Day