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The Murder Of Bob Sheldon & The Church On Fire - By: Hanna H

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Bob Sheldon Found Dead At The Local Park!!

The unexpected death of Bob Sheldon was a tragic event with an unknown answer... "Who killed Bob? What Happened?" Sheldon's peers have come to the conclusion on what the suspect(s) looked like and where, "it all happened in the town part around three am and two mid-teen kids with tough looks and greased up hair". According to local reporters, the police say that Bob was killed with some sort of knife-like weapon in the chest area and Bob was found dead near the fountain when they first saw him, with no sign of life left in him. The suspected two boys have not yet to be found and there has been no sign of where they went. If you find or see anything that would help up please call 1-800-HELP-BOB!
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The Church Jay Hill Went Up In Flames!!

The church on Jay Hill unexpectedly went up in flames this week for an unknown reason. There have been no signs to how or why the fire started. Apparently, there were around five or six kids trapped in a side room of the church and parents/locals were standing outside not knowing what to do. Two mid-teen boys then bravely went into the flaming church through a broken window and make their way to the panicking children. They then grabbed the children and through them out the window one by one. While throwing the final kid out the window an "explosion" occurred and the boys were hurt but one older kid decided to come in and save the two boys and while doing this knocked unconscious then rushed to the hospital. One boy was okay but the other two have no record yet from the reporters. The update on this story will be in the Sunday papers.