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Library newsletter- November 2015

November's already here and December will arrive before you know it. Check out some of the new things going on in our library!


Beginning in January, my goal is to have a "mini" Makerspace set up in the reference room of the library. For those of you that don't know what a Makerspace is, check out this article.

My ultimate long-term goal is to turn our reference room into a large Makerspace that kids can use to build things and/or teachers can reserve to do projects that go along with their lessons.

Before I begin to plan, I want to do a trial run with our kids this year. Starting in January we will have a Makerspace area open for 30 minutes-1 hour at various points throughout the week. If you have a student that showed great leadership skills or maybe they demonstrated something in class that deserves a positive reward- you will be able to send them to the Makerspace area to tinker around with different supplies for 10, 15, or even 20 minutes if you choose. Information with more details will be sent out in coming months, but if you're interested in helping me kick start this project, I would love to have some input and/or volunteers.

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Makerspaces for Hermes/Intermediate

As a fall treat, our 5th grade and 6th grade students got to experience what a Makerspace station might look like by building towers using candy. Once the activity wrapped up and the students debriefed, each child was allowed to vote on the kind of Makerspace activities they would like to see in January. Based on their votes, these 3 ideas were the most popular:

1. Marble Run

2. Duct Tape Crafts

3. Engineering

If you have anything at home that you would like to donate to help with supplying these projects, we would greatly appreciate it. "Marble Run" needs tape, paper towel tubes, etc.. The duct tape station will need...duct tape :) The "Engineering" makerspace needs anything you could build with (toothpicks, decks of cards, straws, etc...) If you have any other knick-knacks at home that students can build or create projects with, we would gladly take them off your hands!


- We're slowly but surely getting our reference room ready for our Makerspace. If you find any extra materials or books that don't belong to you please don't leave them in the reference room. I'd be happy to take materials if they belong in the library, but please contact me before dropping things off.

- The library is closed during our lunch time 11:40 to 12:10- thank you for honoring our time. Students can come in with a pass any other time or before and after school.

-Story quilts are available for teacher check-out. There are many fun titles to choose from!

-The book fair will be November 16th-20th at the 7th-12th library!!!

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Coming Up...

PreK: Parts of a book, book care

Kinder: Predictions, sequence, poetry

1st grade: Fiction vs. nonfiction, context clues, sensory details

2nd grade: Fables/Myths/Legends, poetry

3rd grade: How to do a library catalog search, text features, author's purpose

4th grade: Text features, fact vs. opinion, antonyms/synonyms

5th grade: Drama, text features, procedural texts

6th grade: Figure 19, dictionary skills, procedural texts

**Due to the Thanksgiving break, November 23rd and 24th will be check-out only for classes.**