My journey to Carpathians


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Dear Anton

Ukraine is full of natural wonders, such as mountains, beaches, rivers, and simply beautiful landscapes. Perhaps most of all the locals like visiting the Carpathian Mountains region, especially in winter. It's considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. This place is a mix of green areas, forests, meadows and humans living in a harmony with nature. So I want to spend their holidays in the mountains.

Winter Carpathians...

Skiing is a very popular sport in my country. It is very interesting. Even our prime minister likes skiing, it is his hobby. I began to ski with my father and sister in my childhood. We often go the forest and spend our time there. I think that the fresh air, clear nature and sport are very healthy for me. That’s why my hobby is skiing.
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The mountain-skiing camp

The mountain-skiing camp site is situated in Karpaty. It is about 200 kilometers from my сity. This camp site is very popular and many people visit it every year. There are 4 skiing tracks. Three of them are for skiing and one is for snowboards. In addition, there is the elevator, a cafe and the house, where you can have a rest. The length of the track is about 3 kilometers. The speed that you can gather there is very fast.

So, that is all about my holidays. Write to me more often. Good luck.

Truly Yours,


Природа Карпат