Psychoactive Drugs

Activities and Assignments for November 5th

CELEBRATE: Going the Extra Mile

Thank you to those who have completed the Extra Credit for Module 5. Extra credit assignments earn a few points, but they also give your more exposure to concepts you NEED to know for the Module.

INSTRUCT: The Science of Drug Addiction

INFORM: QUIZ Psychoactive Drugs

Tuesday, Nov. 5th 2013 at 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Please complete this Quiz. Items to complete PRIOR to attempt the Quiz:
  • Module 5 Collaborative Vocabulary Wiki
  • Module 5 Vocabulary - My Submission!
  • LEARNING OBJECT: Psychoactive Drug classification

INFORM: Assignment: Teen Drug Abuse

Don't forget, this assignment is DUE THURSDAY, November 7th

This assignment will take some time to complete - so you need to be planning ahead and allow enough time to complete the assignment prior to its deadline.

  • Read the articles below on teen drug abuse. If you cannot access the links due to your school network security settings, there are pdfs attached to this Learning Block post.
  • Then create two original charts or graphs based on the information in the articles (each chart/graph should represent different information related to teen drug abuse).You may create the chart in Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint. If you use another program, make sure to ask me first to make sure I can open the program.
  • Also write a caption (75-100 words) explaining each graph and provide a citation for the articles.

The charts/graphs should be original work. (in other words don't get pictures off the Internet!).
Upload your charts into Moodle no later than Thursday at 11:55pm!