Tropical Rainforest Biome

By: Emily Iker 7th period Mr.Farmer

Producers and Consumers

Plants and How They Adapt to Their Environment

Bougainvillea-It's adapted to the dense forest where it clings to other plants to reach the sunlight ( it can tolerate semi shade ).

Durian- It peels ever so often which is an adaptation to prevent epiphytes, lianas, and parasitic vines from growing on it.

Strangler Figs-They make an adaptation by starting out as an epiphyte in the crook or arch in a tree; then tiny sticky seeds are dropped high in a tree from animal poop, next the seed slowly starts to grow then it excels and germinates faster and faster, and soon the fig attaches tiny, thin roots around the tree.

Animals and How They Adapt to Their Environment

Bengal Tiger- It has adapted by hunting at night (nucternal) while also hunting younger and older animals because the Bengal can not run that fast.

Vampire Bats- In order to stalk it's pray the vampire bat can walk, run, and hop; to survive the vampire bat sucks or drinks the blood of it's pray.

Sumatran Rhinoceros- They dig out mud wallows to protect themselves from bitting bugs such as mosquitoes.


The precipitation in the tropical rainforest humid due to all the rain, which averages out to be 250 cm a year! The temperature in this biome stays between 68-93 degrees.

Food chain

Fig--->Small Bird---> Vampire Bat---> Boa Constrictor---> Hawk


Deforestation in all the rainforests in the world has become a major problem. This is because animals that live and nest in the trees could become hurt or even die. This is why we should be concerned. Plus what about all the trees, the trees are most of the animals' homes whats going to happen when there are hardly any trees left? Yes there are some benefits to deforeststion, like new paths for tourists so they can see the beautiful and mysterrious jungle, but then again there are the disadvantages like the animals dying and loosing their homes. Not only the animals in the trees are affecrted, but the animals in the rivers, such as Amazon River Dolphins, are being affected by chemicals leaking and polluting the waters, and dams being created with in their streams. There are many animal populations that are being affected by deforestation like: Jaguars, Hyacinth Macaws, Golden Lion Tamarins, and last but not least River Dolphins. These are some of the many species that are affected by deforestation.