De'Megeeia Lewis 7/Ms. Green


Estuaries Food Web

In this food web you have what we is called a Parasitism which is a symbiotic relationship. Which is where one organism is benifited while the other is harmed.

Animals and their roles in a food web.

You have the Sun, Eelgrass, Detritus, Clam, and a Human. The sun is a producer it's producing light and energy to the Eelgrass. Then the Eelgrass gets eaten by the Detritus then the Detritus gets eaten by the Clam, and obviously the Human eats the Clam.

How do humans impact in the environment?

Because they are transitional areas between the land and the sea, and between freshwater and saltwater environments, estuaries can be seriously impacted by any number of human, or anthropogenic, activities.