Bedford Tech Dept. Update

Almost Summer 2016

Technology Enhancement Millage Renewed!

A BIG thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the millage renewal. There was overwhelming support across the county as all 14 individual townships passed this proposal with a significant majority. The vote passed by a 3:1 margin with just over 13,000 total votes cast countywide.

Summer Teacher Tech Storage

A reminder about packing up technology at the end of the school year...teachers will be given a Ziploc bag to store their equipment remotes and interactive pen. This bag should be labeled with the class room number and turned into the office at check-out. Teachers SHOULD NOT disassemble any equipment if they have a tech shelf in their room. Equipment such as phonic ear, sound amp, tuner, or VCR/DVD player should remain intact. Teachers should put their teacher equipment, including docking station, external monitor and/or keyboard, document camera/Hovercam, etc., carefully in the blue tech tote and the IS dept. will make every effort to have teacher equipment set up by the end of the back to school teacher PD week. Teachers should test equipment once it’s been reconnected to ensure it operates as expected. Please report any problems to the helpdesk at 6095 or

Please Take the 2016 Staff Technology Survey

Please take the Annual Technology Survey which helps to guide our technology services and PD planning. This survey will be open for responses through June 9.
June & August Ed Tech Classes Offered

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Student Gmail Over the Summer- Resetting Google Passwords- June 10

Mybedford Gmail accounts will remain ACTIVE for students in current grades 6-11 but will be turned off for elementary students. The tech. dept will be resetting student Google passwords back to the standard configuration on June 10. The standard configuration for student passwords is first name with a capital letter and student number. This reset will mostly effect high school students who may have changed their passwords during the school year. If any student has trouble accessing their Google account during the summer, please direct students to contact the helpdesk.
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Teachers that will be in chromebook classrooms next year looking to learn more about using Google Apps for Education can check out the Michigan Googlefest conference that is hosted at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids in August. Day 1 is structured like a bootcamp with longer, more focused hands on topics and Day 2 offers over 50 different sessions to choose from throughout the day.
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