Ashley Press

February 2016 Student Portfolio

Honors English 3

Ashley is a joy to have in my class. She is a beautiful writer and is always participatory during our play reading. I would like to see Ashley have more confidence in herself when presenting. I often volunteer her and she reluctantly goes and then does really well.

Honors Math for College Readiness

Ashley is working independently completing assignments.
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Honors U.S. History

Ashley is a fine student. She works hard and participates in class discussions. We will be concentrating on expository writing and presentation skills this semester. Ashley definitely needs to work on word choice, formatting (citations), and organization in her written work and we will be focusing on these elements of her writing. Ashley needs to work on her presentation skills. She is still a bit shy and needs to practice making presentations to help her become more comfortable.

Latin 1

The students assessed themselves by translating thirty lines containing all of the new forms they learned in this unit. They are now completing an essay and artwork based on the major deities of the Roman pantheon. Jourdan is an adept language-learner, appreciating the connections between Latin and English, and quickly analyzing and synthesizing the differences. She is a mature member of the class, a serious student who does careful and organized work. I always enjoy her clever observations and sense of humor.


Ashley continues to progress in her Independent Study Physics class. The beginning of this semester has brought an exploration into the world of optics and the properties of lights and waves. Ashley is showing improvement in keeping pace with the course as her assignments are mostly turned in on time. I am thrilled to see that Ashley is taking advantage of the opportunity to make corrections and improvements to her work to earn additional credit!
Lungs Under Pressure

US History Arts Integration

In US Art, we have chosen the great American illustrator, Norman Rockwell, to help us explore our personal and family values. We are utilizing his illustration techniques to complete our own illustrations. He used photographs and sources for all of his imagery. Ashley is very ambitious in her personalization of her chosen Rockwell painting. As all of her work is, as well as her work habits, she is very disciplined and creative.

Ashley's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours This Year: 4

Ashley has currently logged:
7 absences from English III class
2 absences from Latin I class
4 absences from US History class
1 absence from Sat/Act Prep