Warhorse Condoms


Advantages of our Condoms

  • There is almost no way you’ll get pregnant while wearing a Warhorse Condom! NO WAY!!!

  • Reduces risk for STIs!

  • Worried about it breaking? Our condoms will almost always stay intact.
  • How effective are our condoms? Our condoms have an 86% success rate in typical use!

Disadvantages of our Condoms

  • Are you allergic to latex? That may be a disadvantage, but it shouldn’t phase you! Instead, wear a Warhorse Condom Lammskinn.

  • It may not be as pleasureful as not wearing our condoms.

  • If you allergic to latex, you have a chance of getting a severe allergic reaction.

  • HPV is still possible to contract even if you do wear our condoms.

How do you use our condoms?

  • Put it on your head!

  • Roll it down to the base!

  • Have a grand old time!

  • Take it off before the sperm leaks out or the erection ends!

  • Throw it out! DON’T FLUSH IT!

  • Boom! Done!

Where and how can you buy our condoms?

  • You can buy our condoms at any general store
  • They come in packs of 6 or 7
  • Our condoms cost from about 50 cents to a dollar