Crystal's Corner

September 16, 2016


Take a look, via Tweets, of recent school happenings.


The words of the week are "PDP conferences," as I conducted eight this week, either with a principal or a central office administrator. Just as with observations or evaluations, the process isn't complete until the paperwork is done.

This week found me:

  • participating in round 2 interviews for the senior accountant (the BOE approved my recommendation at Wednesday's BOE meeting),
  • working with Andrew to address an individual employee matter,
  • attending the Personnel meeting,
  • speaking and meeting with an NJASA representative,
  • attending the BOE meeting, and
  • participating in a conference call with the Interim Executive County Superintendent.

The administration building and technology department wanted to show their school spirit and today posed for the below photo.

Big image


Our principals don't waste any time getting their parents into the schools to meet the teachers. I attended three (EP, LES & SL) Back-to-School (BTS) Nights this week and Andrew joined me for two. He attended one of his children's BTS Night one of the nights. (This is the first year I don't have a BTS Night for one of my own...another of life's passages!)

At the BOE meeting, I shared the "Your Thoughts" cards we're distributing and collecting at BTS Nights to assess areas of interest we may address at the November 3 Community Conversation. The majority of attendees say they don't have any concerns, we're doing really well, or they love their school...and sometimes extend blessings! However we are getting meaningful input that we'll compile and determine main areas of interest. We'll share the feedback with you once it's complete.


The transformation of the stadium field is fascinating. At the BOE meeting, Tom described the status of the field prep. You can see a huge difference between photos I've shared in previous Corners and the ones below. As Tom related, large pieces of gravel were layed at one point and then a layer of finer stone was smoothed on top. Also exciting is the "special delivery" of the turf Thursday. View short video from Friday.
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