Pencey Prep

"A World Filled of Phonies"

Why go to Pencey Prep?

Do you want your son to go to school with all phonies? If you do, send him to Pencey Prep. Do you want your son to be surrounded by teachers who don't care? If so, send him to Pencey. Pencey is filled with snobby, wealthy guys who only care about themselves. But, if you really need school to send him to, send him to Pency Prep because he will have a GREAT time!

Pencey Academics

The academics are just great. Students are smart, teachers are kind and welcoming. Teachers make you stick to the rules and don't let you express yourself. It kind of makes you feel trapped. If you ever start to digress during any presentaion, or just in class everyone will call you out. It makes you feel like you're not good enough or smart enough to do the actual assignment. They make life boring. You are never able to really talk about what you want to talk about. It makes talking to anyone miserable.

Applying to Pencey

Applying to Pencey is easy. All you need to do is pay, talk your Father into giving you some dough and pay the school. No one gets in without paying their way in like a bastard. All these students are weathly phonies with pockets of dough. Apply now! Contact Pencey by using the information below.