The necessity of vaccinations in society.

How vaccinations are used

  • Build immune system
  • Used to protect livestock by farmers (Babiuk)
  • To stop the spread of deadly diseases

Arguments against vaccinations

  • Vaccines cause chronic disorders in children
  • Increased hygiene
  • Toxic metals (amount in a vaccine)

How not Vaccinating can effect us

  • Mumps (new strand)
  • Medical bills
  • 85-90% of the population vaccinates
  • More susceptible to animal evolved diseases (de Vries)


With all the different viruses out there, we really can't make sure that one won't infect us. But we can prevent a lot of the more deadly ones from through vaccinations. They have become important to our society in protecting us against the harmful diseases of the world. It might not be just a mumps outbreak (which is still horrible) but it could have been worse. It could have been a smallpox outbreak. But thanks to vaccinations we have gotten rid of smallpox on the earth. And we can continue to eradicate these awful diseases with the help of vaccines.