Queen Forever


Freddie Mucury

Freddie mercury was born on September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar, Tanzanians. He studied the piano in boarding school in India befriended numerous musicians at London’s Ealing college art. Freddie’s band queen was at the top off America and British carts. Freddie head singer of queen his band started in 1971. In this same year they released their first album. The world lost Freddie to AIDS in 1991. His last album was happiness’s. The Surviving members performed a memorial/fundraiser concert at wembley stadium the following year.

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor was born July 26, 1949 in kings Lynn, England. Together they did bohemian rhapsody under pressure and many more. Tayler help write a king of magic and radio ga, ga bough good song on the top list. He was the drummer for the band. Brian may was born on July 19, 1947 in Hampton England. In 1971 he joined the band queen. He was the lead drum player for the band. They did many music videos like on vision, radio ga, ga, I want to break free dressed in drag.
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John Deacon

John Deacon was born august 19, 1951 in Leicester England john deacon went on to become the bassist for the world famous band queen. All of queen’s band members where song writer’s to the group’s canon. Deacon had a hit whit the tune he penned the cheery, affection ‘your my best friend ‘- from the seminal the album a night at the opera. By the mid-1980s, deacon had started to play as well as the band. He performed on the single “picking up sound” by the man Friday and jive junior and played whit the immortals, which released the track “no turning back.” The band queen went a long way.

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Brain May

Brain May was the lead guitar player for the band. He was in we will rock you. Brian May was born in July 19 1941 in Hampton England. 1971 hit the road whit the band queen. He was in we will rock you. Brian May was born in July 19 1947 in Hampton England. 1971 he hit the road whit the band queen.

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