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2019 - 2020, Issue 6, September 23, 2019

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Counselor's Corner

Let's talk about kids and the use of phones, tablets, computers, video games, and TVs!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued new guidelines for the amount of time kids should spend on technology.

  • For children 18 months or younger, no screens is still best. The only exception is video chat with loved ones.
  • For children 18 months to two years, parents should limit screen time and avoid allowing them time alone with technology. Educational programming is preferred, and it's best to watch with your child.
  • Children two to five years old should have a maximum of one hour of screen time per day, and parents should watch with them to make sure they understand what they are watching.
  • Children six years and older need consistent limits on the time and types of media they consume. Parents should take care to make sure screen time is not affecting a child's sleep, exercise, or other behaviors.

Families are encouraged to set screen-free times or zones at home. For example, no phones at the dinner table, no screens in the bedroom, or no phone use while driving. And finally, be sure to talk about online safety guidelines with your child, such as treating others with respect, guarding your personal information, and reporting unsafe behaviors.

Lunch with Loved Ones

Thank you for all the families that came out and celebrated Lunch with Loved Ones at Bayyari last week! We enjoyed seeing all the families and the students loved having lunch with their families. Families are welcome to come have lunch with their students any day in the Bear Bistro. Please make sure you bring your photo ID with you when you come so we can scan you in as a visitor.
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Meet Our Bears!

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Mrs. Holly Hayes

Every week we want to introduce you to a fabulous Bear that works at Bayyari. We have some of the best teachers and staff in the world and we can't wait for you to get to know them!

Holly Hayes was born in Canada. She grew up in Wyoming and moved to Arkansas in 1995. This is her sixteenth year as a computer lab manager. Mrs. Hayes graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Family and Consumer Science Education.

When not teaching, Mrs. Hayes enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys reading, painting, and doing crafts.

Upcoming Dates


27 - Bear Bash

27 - Chuck E. Cheese Night 3 - 9 pm


2 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Lake Fayetteville

3 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Lake Fayetteville

11 - End of 1st Quarter

14 - PTA Meeting 5:30 pm and 4th Grade Music Program 6:00 pm

18 - Fall Break for Students/Flex Day for Teachers

21 - Fall Break for Students/Professional Development for Teachers

28 - Picture Retakes

29 - Parent University

31 - Fall Parties