Bernard Palissy

by Corra John


  • Born in 1510, near Lacapelle Biron, France.
  • Stayed in France throuoght his life
  • Traveled around giving lectures on natural history
  • Education was mainly science and math. This influenced his career as a scientist and potter
  • Palissy gave lectures around France
  • Born to a poor family
  • Mainly made pottery
  • Queen bought Palissy's pottery and in 1958 The Royal Worcester Porcelain Company bought him.
  • Focused on classicism, humanism, idealism, and perspectivism as his pottery is based around the "perfect" look of humans and his pieces show elegance and nature.
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This piece is called the Platter, made in 1575. You can find this piece in The Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Palissy started to use white clay and different color paints on top to make his art stand out. On top of the paint, he added an "earthenware" which made it glossy. This was new for the era. He really focused on naturalism in this platter, using plants and animals on the clay. He recreated a pond with a garden surrounding it in which he gave to the Queen in later years. Palissy was famous for painting and making pottery with scenes of nature in it. Each piece on his ceramics were painted and glossed individually, to make his piece higher quality. Other painters were influenced by his rustic work, that they started to imitate his work. His style is still used today.

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