Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of Feb. 18th-22nd

Week in Review

Whew! The Valentine's party was a hit and the room is really quiet now....A good time to reflect on the week. The students were so good this week (minus a few incidents learning how to listen to a practically mute teacher...lost my voice for 2 days) and by Thursday the 14th (today) they knew exactly how to stop and listen. I gave the students a spelling assessment to see if I needed to change any groups around, and I am pleased to see that all the students have grown in their own spelling stages. We started our Weather unit in Science and we are reflecting on the amazing Texas spring weather. Now on to the next week...

What We Will Be Learning About This Coming Week

Math: The students will work on a variety of skills this week. We will focus on fractions, money, and addition/subtraction. Students will be completing problem solving each day in math. Problem solving is connected to everyday experiences where they communicate, and use logical reasoning to justify their thinking. Later in the week students will be completing a guided spiraling sheet and an individual spiraling sheet.

Science: The spotlight in science will be weather and seasons. Students will be learning about seasons. Students will incorporate what they've learned about seasons and weather while they practice being a meteorologist. Early next week we will be working closely with Ms. Freeman in front of the green screen to put our skills to good use. Our collection of weather data continues.

Reading: The big idea in reading will be literal and non-literal meanings (idioms). Students will be using literal and non-literal meanings of words/phrases to make inferences. Using mentor texts students will be creating mental images and inferences. They will be applying this skill into their writing and poetry.

Writing: In writing students will be creating poems. Students will be introduced to several different types of poems and recreating their own.

High Five

I sent home the student's All About Culture book on the 14th. Take a look and return this to me as I will keep it in their portfolios until the end of the year.

The students worked on this for 2 weeks. They researched online sources recording their information, and then wrote about the facts they learned. Since the students did this project independently, I will be using it to find areas of need that the students can work on in the spring.

In The Loop

  • Friday, Feb. 15 - Class Shirt Day!
  • Monday, Feb. 18 - Staff Development - NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20 - 3rd Grade Economics Fair (students can bring in a bag and change to go shopping)
  • Wednesday, March 6 - Early Release at 12:45pm

Economics Fair

As seen above, the Economics Fair will be on Wednesday morning. Have your student bring in a bag and some change (quarters mostly) to buy some items that the 3rd graders have been working on for weeks! Help drive the Sommer economy and its young entrepreneurs!

Spotlight Stallion

Peter Rabbit is sooo excited to go home with August on the 15th!! We are anxious to read about your 3-day weekend with him when he returns on the 19th! August has worked really hard during the week of the 11th. He is doing a great job!