1B Classroom Update

June 7, 2019

Parent Update

Hello 1B families! Can you believe that we are in the last month of school? If your child will not be in school on the last day of school, June 26th, please let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare any end of year materials for him/her to take home. We are so proud of the perseverance that our 1B friends have shown in 1st grade and know that they will continue to blossom next year!

Important Dates

  • Thursday, June 13 | Anytime/Anywhere to Iran
  • Thursday, June 20 | Spring Curriculum Share (1:15-2:30pm)
  • Monday, June 24 | Whole School Field Day @ Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Tuesday, June 25 | Last Day of Afterschool Program
  • Wednesday, June 26 | Last Day of School | Half Day @ 12pm

Spring Curriculum Share Potluck

Please join us on Thursday, June 20th, for our Spring Curriculum Share between 1:15-2:30pm. This gives all parents and guardians the opportunity to see what your children have been doing in the core and specials classrooms. We hope to see you there! Sign up below to bring in food to our party!

Return Book Baggies

Please send in all books or book baggies to school by Monday 6/17 so that we can begin organizing our library and ensure that our library is replenished for next year. As always, we thank you so much for your understanding!

Anytime Anywhere: Iran

IRAN TRAVEL PLANS: Thursday, June 13th.

Join us on this magical Persian adventure!!

Want to volunteer? We have many different ways for you to be part of this spectacular day. Please click the link below and sign up to help!!

IRAN Dress code: Anything floral!

Gardens are an important part of cultural life in Iran. Giving flowers (as a show of affection and respect) has been widespread since the days of ancient Persia. Additionally flower motifs are very popular in Persian carpets, artwork, and architecture. Many Persian first names come from flowers (tulips and jasmine), and flowers like hyacinths a big part of Persian celebrations (like Nowruz in the spring).

In light of all this, we invite kids and adults to come to Anytime Anywhere sporting whatever floral clothes or accessories they might have!

Please Note: If students decide not to dress up during Anytime Anywhere, they are expected to wear the BPCS uniform — a white or green polo shirt with the BPCS logo. Bottoms can be any color.

IB: Traditions and Celebrations

We have been preparing special surprise projects to show you at Curriculum Share. All we can say is that it includes planning, researching, writing, painting, and creativity. Plus, THANK YOU so much for sending in all the shoeboxes and decorations. We can't wait to share what we have been up to soon!

Field Trip: Brooklyn Grange

We had a wonderful trip to the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm where students got to taste herbs, honey, see beehives, feed chickens, and many more! Thank you so much to the chaperones who came along with us and acted as our designated photographers as well.

1B Specials Update

Music with Mr. Kramer!

First Grade musicians have played and sang musical games and songs from America and Iran in the past few weeks. They have been taking turns singing solo, jumping over candlesticks and rolling balls, and racing around a circle of singing classmates. First graders also spent time learning about three different instrument families: woods, metals, and skins. Students practiced making music with all three types of instruments, and took turns conducting the class in group improvisations.