Developing Communication

Anna Skubis and Natalia Balagulska

Speech Developmental Milestones

Birth - 3 months:

  • Babbles
  • cries to express needs

4 - 6 months:

  • Makes voices
  • babbling has different sounds

7 months - 1 year:

  • Says 1 - 2 words
  • Uses speech to get attention

1 - 2 years:

  • More vocab
  • Puts words together

2 - 3 years:

  • Has a word for almost everything
  • Uses 2 - 3 word sentences

3 - 4 years:

  • Uses longer sentences
  • Talks about activities

5 years:

  • Voice is clearer
  • Tells stories with a lot of details

Communicating without Words

- Crying to show discomfort

- Gestures and movements

EX: pushing away a bowl of food, which means they're done

- sounds

By 11 months, baby's can speak with words

Crying Baby

If a baby is crying, they are showing discomfort.

Sign Language

Some parents teach baby's how to use sign language before they learn to speak to show their needs.

- Using same signs by different people

- Add new vocab within time

Sign Language

means ¨more¨
Baby Signing, Sign with your Baby, Baby Sign Language BSL, ASL, Makaton, Hertfordshire, UK

Learning to Speak

Talk to your baby with simple words, but avoid baby talk.

First understandable words: 8-15 months

Development is unique for every baby

Reading Teaches Speech

Why do you need to read to your baby?

  • Pictures in children book can help connect the sound with the object
  • Repetition of the same book can help to recognize the familiar pattern and the attempts to repeat them
  • Helps to increase vocab.

Picture Books

Picture books help babies understand better