Black Pepper

A Spice


Black pepper was first used in India during prehistoric times then spread to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Botinical Information

Black Pepper is made from the Piperaceae plant. It grows black and white pepper. The leaves grow separately and have a strong flavor. They grow on mostly shrubs, vines, and small trees. The average height is 30 feet tall. Piperaceae plants grow in tropical regions where it's warm with consistant soil moisture.
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Health Benefits

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Promotes intestinal health
  3. Breaks down fat cells
  4. Good Source of vitamin K, iron, and calcium

Common Culinary Uses

  • Avaliable whole, crushed, or grounded
  • Used in lots of recipes for flavor

Interesting Facts

  • Used as a currency and sacred offering. It was used to honor gods and pay taxes.
  • Pepper used to be called "Black Gold" because it was uncommon and expensive


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Crush black pepper and coat steaks with it to make this dish, steak au poivre.
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Pepper can be used in most dishes. It can even be put in salad dressing.