Devon English

GCSE changes

Speaking and listening

Ofqual has announced that for the current Year 10 onwards they would prefer speaking and listening no longer to contribute to the overall GCSE English/ English Language grade. From 2014 this grade will be based on reading and writing only, with speaking and listening being reported separately.

A further implication of this preference would be that the exam will yield 60% of the GCSE English / English Language grade, rather than the 40% it yields at present, thus inverting the controlled assessment/ exam proportions we have been working with since September 2010.

Of qual are 'consulting' on this proposal, but they are clearly determined to impose this arrangement for the current Year 10 and succeeding cohorts.

Ofqual (under government guidance) intends to end controlled assessment in English GCSEs (and most others) from September 2015 (the current Year 7).