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Lone Star Elementary News, February 2016

Lone Star Elementary

Catherine Bartlett, Ed.D. Principal

Melissa Freeman Assistant Principal

Kelly Lout Assistant Principal

Elisa Krug Counselor

Important Dates This Month

2/4, 100th Day of School!
2/10, Lone Star Leadership (4th Grade)
2/10, 3rd Grade E-Track Showcase, 10:00 - 11:40
2/11, Garden Day for 1st Grade
2/11, 4th Grade Valentine Parties, 10:30
2/11, 3rd Grade Valentine Parties, 1:45
2/11, LS Valentine Parties, 2:00
2/12, Kindergarten Valentine Parties, 9:45
2/12, 1st Grade Valentine Parties, 11:45
2/12, 2nd Grade Valentine Parties, 1:30
2/15, Staff Development/Student Holiday
2/17, Progress Reports Go Home
2/24, Garden Day for Kindergarten
2/24, Lone Star Leadership (4th Grade)
2/29 - 3/4, Go Texan Week

Kindergarten Kiddos

It is going to be a fun and fabulous February in Kindergarten. There are still so many things to learn on our journey to First Grade. We are reading and writing new CVC words daily as we concentrate on medial short vowel sounds. We continue to work on identifying beginning and ending sounds and blending sounds both orally and verbally to decode words.

One of our goals this year is to have the students identify story elements such as main characters, setting of the story and the big idea of the story. They are learning to make connections between events in a story and their own experiences.

The boys and girls really get into our math lessons. We will celebrate the 100th Day of School on Thursday, February 4th by counting to 100 many ways. We will even make a snack with 100 pieces. The next day (Fri., Feb. 5th) we will have another opportunity to use our math skills on the 101st Day of school. We can dress like a Dalmatian and participate in activities that promote reading and math.

The students are also very excited about our upcoming Winter Wonderland. It will be Saturday, February 6th from 11:00-4:00. We hope to see everyone come out to enjoy the event and support our school!

On Friday, February 13th, we will have our Valentine’s Day party at 9:45. The students will demonstrate caring and sharing by exchanging valentines and treats with their friends. The kindergarten teachers would like to say thanks to all the parents who help create these special memories for our little “sweethearts”. We love them and you all, too!

Fantastic Firsties

It is February and love is in the air in first grade. One of our goals in first grade is to have our firsties love reading as much as we do! This month we will be learning to find the main idea of a story and the details that support it. This is a tough skill, but we know our first graders can do it. We will make text to text connections and use nonfiction books to add to our schema. Please continue to read with your child each and every night. The more they read, the better readers they will become!

In math this month we will continue our study of place value with hundreds, tens and ones. We will work hard this month to become great problem solvers. We will work on reading and solving story problems. Your firstie will even write their own story problems. Later in the month we will begin learning how to tell time to the hour and half hour using analog and digital clocks. Telling time can be a fun skill to learn! First graders love to show off, so have them read the clocks in your home.

Our Valentine party will be February 12th at 11:45. We will read the Valentine's our friends shared with us, so don't forget to send your child's Valentines!

Superstar Second Graders

February is here! Second grade has settled into 2016 and we are ready for a month packed with learning and fun. Winter Wonderland will kick our month off on February 6th. Your kids have worked hard on some fantastic art projects and taken adorable pictures that you will find at the school auction. Perhaps most exciting of all, they will have the opportunity to bid on playing "Pie Face" with the second grade teacher of their choice! There will be games, rides and oh so much fun! We hope to see you all there!

In math, the moment they have been waiting for has arrived! Multiplication will take center stage during math each day. They will understand the "why" and "how" by manipulating objects, pictures and numbers into equal groups. They will see repeated addition change before their eyes into the multiplication they can't wait to master.

Science this month will continue to build on their knowledge of our earth. They have learned about rocks, bodies of water and now will explore resources all around us. Social studies will delve into the symbols of our great nation.

Language arts will look into the lives of famous Americans. The students will use their knowledge of nonfiction text conventions to research and create their own booklet "All About" a famous American.

Thrilling Third Grade

We have a fabulous and fun month filled with FRACTIONS in math! We will be learning fractions as part of a whole, and part of a set while comparing fractions and determining equivalent fractions. Learning about fractions is always easier using food, so we will have plenty of opportunity to have fun while learning.

Now that we understand more about our planet through the many labs and experiments in Science, we will be studying how best to manage our natural resources. We have some fantastic hands-on activities planned for the month of February.

Third graders are busy, busy, busy learning about folktales. Students are improving their comprehension skills as they read fables, tall tales, myths and legends. Moving forward, they will be diving into procedural text. They are learning to read with the purpose of following a set of instructions from beginning to end. This may mean a recipe, learning the steps in a process to build something, or setting up a project.

In Social Studies students are learning about healthy communities. Students will learn how communities change as well as how they thrive under a healthy free enterprise system.

Fabulous Fourth

February finds fourth grade hard at work on fractions; adding, subtracting, simplifying, finding equivalents, and more! Then it's on to time and money. In Science we are digging into resources, both renewable and nonrenewable. With a little knowledge, we can learn how to conserve and protect Earth's precious gifts! Students will explore the Native Americans of Texas and the first Spanish Explorers using a fun file folder project. Roses are red. Violets are blue. We are studying poetry and reader's theater, too!

C. A. M. P. (Computer - Art - Music - PE)


Biblio-Tech News

Something very exciting will be happening in the LSE Library beginning February 8. Our First Graders will begin checking out two books each week! First Graders will also begin checking out a “Book that Fits” from the Non-Fiction section. Ask your First Grader to explain the P.I.C.K method for choosing a “Book the Fits”!

Third and Fourth Grade Students voted for their favorite Texas Bluebonnet Nominee in January. LSE’s favorite Bluebonnet book was When the Beat Was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop by Laban Carrick Hill followed closely by Mountain Dog by Margarita Engle. The state-wide winner will be announced the first week of February!

This month in Biblio-Tech:

Kindergarten - We will learn to use the shift key, change size, font and color of text using Microsoft Word. We will also learn about the author Tedd Arnold.

First Grade - We will investigate American Patriots using Wordbook Online and create a movie using the Chatterpix app.

Second Grade – We will investigate famous Americans using World Book Online and create a movie using the Chatterpix app.

Third Grade – We will review the genre of Biographies and create a Bio Poem.

Fourth Grade – We will investigate Spanish Missions in Texas and create a PowerPoint presentation.

Art Activities:

Second and Third Grade have been getting ready for Winter Wonderland! We are creating 3D Snowflakes and learning about our Elements of Art: Shape, Line and Form. Look out for them this weekend at Winter Wonderland!

First Grade and Kindergarten are learning about sculpting as they work with clay! Kindergartens are exploring the ancient technique of pinch pots. They are being introduced to the artist Maria Martinez who created pottery in the Pueblo Native American style. First grade is also making pinch pots, but they are turning theirs into nests and adding birds and eggs. All of our pottery pieces are then painted with Crayola acrylic paint.

Fourth grade has 2 projects to work on this month. We are continuing in our sketchbooks with landscapes and working on close, near and far. Close objects are colored in darker than the far objects. We are also getting inspired by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. He creates pop art to make people feel hopeful and happy. Many of his paintings have images of hearts in them so fourth grade will be making Valentine pictures in his style!

Music Notes:

This month all students will learn about the composer, Gioachino Rossini, who was born February 29, 1792 in Italy. They will listen to and learn about the final opera he composed, William Tell.

Kindergarten students will review what beat is in music and begin learning to read quarter note (“ta”) and eighth note (“ti-ti”) rhythms using familiar and new songs and beat/rhythm manipulatives.

1st grade students have begun listening to and learning songs for their music program which will be Friday, April 8th. The program will contain songs related to character. We will be discussing the different character qualities covered in each song and the ways that we can show positive character traits.

2nd grade students are still working extremely hard on their songs for their Texas/Western music program. They are doing a fabulous job so far and can’t wait to share their songs with you. The program will be Friday, March 11, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. If you have a child in 2nd grade, more information will be coming home soon.

3rd grade students will be composing their own rhythmic and melodic ostinatos this month. They will learn that an ostinato is a “stubborn” repeated pattern in music. To create their ostinato compositions, they will use quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, quarter rests, and solfege syllables mi, sol, & la. They will perform their compositions using rhythm instruments and Boomwhackers (super fun, pitched tube instruments).

4th grade students are busy learning how to play the notes B, A, & G using our recorder program, Black Belt Recorder. Students will be given a packet including the 3 songs they need to have mastered to earn their “white belt.” The goal is to eventually perform each song with as few mistakes as possible. Students should remember some basic rules when practicing at home: 1. Left hand on top (ALWAYS); 2. Leaks cause squeaks (cover the holes); 3. Use warm, gentle air (cold, fast air causes squeaks too).


Our students are jumping like kangaroos in PE. They are learning new jumps and inventing their own. They are being challenged daily and are showing off their skills. When students meet jump rope challenges and work hard toward the challenges, they will be rewarded with bear bucks and an opportunity to write their name on the Jump Rope For Heart wall. Jump Rope For Heart donations are due by Friday, February 12th. Thank you gifts will then be sent to Lone Star by the American Heart Association. Thank you very much for your donation. It's truly for a fantastic cause.


February 6th is another fun filled day in Montgomery. MHS is having their 2nd annual Bear Race for all K-6th . This event will be held at the track field across from MHS starting at 9am. Following the Bear Races, you can go to LSE's Winter Wonderland which will be held 11am-4pm. We would love to see you at both!

General Reminders

Counselor's Corner

How appropriate that our character value for February focuses on the power of love! We will practice "caring" and "positive intent" by learning ways to see the best in others. Our 3 caring commitments will include: 1) I care when others are hurt or sad. 2) Others know I will not make fun of them. And, 3) I will find ways to help others and make them smile. Negative intent does more than just cause nasty feelings, it inhibits our ability to teach proper skills. Try using the A.C.T. method when it is difficult to see the best in a child: Acknowledge what they are really wanting. Clarify appropriate skills for getting it. Take time to practice the appropriate skill.

Seeing the Best in Your Child,

Elisa Krug~Counselor

Lone Star Leadership

Each month, 2 fourth graders from each homeroom meet with Mrs. Krug, Mrs. Freeman, Ms. Lout, and Dr. Bartlett. We visit two times with the students to collaborate on campus concerns and brainstorm ideas. Thank you to our January Leaders: Jack Hermes, Olivia Garcia Villami, Abigail Webb, Brady Dugan, Ryan Martino, Tyler Tarachione, Ava Colossimo, Ayden Hogan, William Hext, Taylor Wells, Jetta Marling, Cole Lanclos, Romy Gross, Jared Freeney, Krystal Moons, Luke Enterkin, Jada Heintz, Jett Johnson, Maxwell Moore, and Victoria Westbrook

PTA Meeting/Work Morning

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 9am

16600 FM 2854 Rd

Montgomery, TX

Please join us in room 101 as we collaborate to help make Lone Star a great place for kids! PTA is an open forum meeting - all are welcome to attend, listen, ask questions, and vote. Note: We will have a work morning after our meeting, so wear some comfortable clothes. Thanks!