Tips on how to find water on a deserted island

Solar Water Still

Things you will need

  • Plastic sheet or tarp
  • Any container you can find
  • Wet leaves or any other damp vegitation
  • Two large rocks
  • One smaller rock


1. Dig a hole in the sand. Make sure that the hole is deep enough so that the sand is damp.

2. Place any container in the hole.

3. Fill the surrounding space with wet leaves or anything else wet.

4. Place your plastic sheet or tarp over the hole.

5. Then put two large rocks on the sides of the plastic sheet or tarp to keep it in place.

6. Then put a smaller rock in the middle of the plastic sheet or tarp.

7. Condensation will form on the underside of the plastic sheet or tarp.

8. The condensation will drip down into your container.

9.When your container is full remove the plastic sheet or tarp.

10. Remove your container and drink your fresh water.


Finding water should be at the top of your list.

  • Your body can survive longer without food then without water
  • Look for a stream or spring
  • The further inland you travel, the better chance of finding water
  • When you find water, try and boil it
  • Boiling the water will kill any bacteria so you will have clean water to drink
  • If you cant find a water source, build a water still or other water devices
  • Try and find any container to use for a water still or to collect rain water
  • You can even use your shoe
  • Sea water will dehydrate you
  • you can become sick and eventually die
  • To prevent water loss, rest, keep cool, stay in the shade, and seek shelter
  • Do not wait until you run out of water before you look for more
  • You can also get water from plants and other tropical fruits

Finding water is critical. Eventually, dehydration will occur. The symptoms you will have are thirst, weakness, nausea, no appetite, and dark colored urine.

A tropical spring will provide you with the cleanest water source.

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