Diary of a Monkey

The Struggle

Entry 1

So i just got back from a swim and decided to start a new blog.I am going take a nap now.


Monkey: Help Me! i am being dragged out of my body by 2 men to the Land Of Darkness Advice Anyone?

Alavi: Keep calm, and think about what you can do to get out of this situation.

Raul: Beat Em' Up.

Michael: Stay Patient and good things will happen.

Entry 3

I think there was a mistake in the paperwork. This just doesn't make any sense. I fixed it though. All I needed was a pen. Ohh! I should take a selfi!

Entry 4

Yay i'm back in my body time to go to heaven. Ooh i got 2 new games on my iPhone Called 3 facts and 1 fib and Character Web Quiz.

3 Facts and 1 Fib

The theme states that Buddhism states that you have to be non-materialistic

You shouldn't demand more than what you need.

You must become in the state of non greediness

Greediness Is Power.

Character Traits Quiz

1. What is Monkey's worst trait?

2. What is Monkey's weapon?

3. Who taught Monkey his ways?

4. What is Monkey's best trait?

5. Did Monkey abuse his powers?

6. Why do you think he will be punished for abusing his powers?


I just arrived at the palace doors, and the Jade Emperor is totally talking about me. I should go inside. Ohh i just received an Email, but i'll check it later


Monkey: I think i have a problem. I just angered the Jade Emperor with my hubris. Advice anyone?

Alavi: You must not be greedy.Follow the 8 fold path.

Raul: Just stop talking.

Michael: Shut up!

Anyone else?


Guys, i just got an Oscar for being the most greediest monkey. Here i'll post a picture. Pictures don't seem to work. Sorry. :(


I just made a poem! Wanna See?

i saw the light fading,

as i was trading souls with death,

Although i was frightened,

I tried to catch my breath;

Why Me?!

I have a family,

You could have chosen any other entity,

Now make me a sandwich i cried,

and death replied,

at least i tried,