Primary Update

Monday 7 April 2014 Erika for continuing on with the programme in Lizzie's absence in such a seamless manner. Erika's last day will be Monday. the staff involved with Maureen last Mon and Tue. Lots of new learning and thinking to help us build on our work. Your TIG Mentor will share some of the new learning with you when they meet with you next. all for accommodating changes in timetables for the LWW and all the other ways people are supporting such an important event for the Primary. Very much a collective effort and one that no doubt we will all be very proud of.

Welcome back....Congratulations

......It will be great to welcome back Lizzie on Tuesday.

.... to Catriona, who has been accepted to present a workshop at the 2014 IBAEM Annual Regional Conference in Rome over the Oct holidays. This workshop has been the result of thinking Catriona has been doing as part of her Teacher Inquiry - Learning Conceptually and Conceptual Transfer of the PYP. Great news Catriona.


Class teachers - please send out the new timetable to your families this week if you haven't already done so.

Team Leaders - please send me your updated colour coding class lists as per my email for your year level by Thursday.

Enjoy the week ahead and a well deserved holiday.