Karl Marx

Ethan Kosberg

Early life and background

Karl Marx was born in Prussia in 1818 to a Jewish Parents. His parents converted to Lutheranism so that they could reach farther success. but Marx grew into Atheistic ways. He went to college at the University of Bonn, but later switched to the University of Berlin, where he was first introduced into sociology. After receiving his degree, he started writing for a liberal newspaper, Rheinsische Zeitung.


Class conflict theory

The class conflict theory states that all conflicts in history are between people who have power and don't have power. The conflict arises when the people who don't have power try to wrest the power from the people who have it.

Theory of alienation

In a pure capitalistic society, when the worker does not a control what he produces, what his hours are, or where he works, then the worker is no longer an autonomous being. The upper class basically dehumanizes the lower classes through labor.


Karl Marx believed that the world was divided into two classes of people. The larger of the two, the "have-nots," were the poor working class who was used by the smaller upper class, the ones who owned the means of production. This is called a capitalistic society, which Marx strongly disapproved of. In his book, the Communist Manifesto, he speaks of a socialistic society, where all the resources are shared and owned by everyone.