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Week of August 19, 2019

A Message from Principal Grey:

Dearest Grant Families,

I am so excited that the school year is up and running! I love seeing all of your students' faces each day walking into school ready to learn and grow. As your students become reaccustomed to their daily routine and settle into the new school year, they may share the details of their day with you after school. As we know, others may not offer much in response to the question, "How was school today?"

One of my favorite resources,, has complied some fantastic questions to ask your student after school to replace the traditional go-to question, "How was school?" I have personally tried some of them in my conversations with students and am delighted by the depth of their answers and reflections. I hope they have the same results for you and your students.


With slight wording modifications, these questions can work with children of all ages:

  1. Tell me about a moment today when you felt excited about what you were learning.
  2. Tell me about a moment in class when you felt confused.
  3. Think about what you learned and did in school today. What’s something you’d like to know more about? What’s a question you have that came from your learning today?
  4. Were there any moments today when you felt worried? When you felt scared?
  5. Were there any times today when you felt disrespected by anyone? Tell me about those moments.
  6. Were there times today when you felt that one of your classmates demonstrated care for you?
  7. Were there any moments today when you felt proud of yourself?
  8. Tell me about a conversation you had with a classmate or friend that you enjoyed.
  9. What was challenging about your day?
  10. What do you appreciate about your day?
  11. What did you learn about yourself today?
  12. Is there anything that you’d like to talk about that I might be able to help you figure out?
  13. Is there anything you’re worried about?
  14. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
  15. Is there a question you wish I’d ask you about your day?


The following can help your conversations be positive and powerful:

  • Don’t interrupt. This is a good rule for any conversation, but especially if you want to get a lot of information out of a kid.
  • Ask for more. Simply say, “I’d love to hear more about that...” Or, “Can you expand on that a little?”
  • Ask about feelings. After a child describes an experience, ask, “How did you feel in that moment? What did you notice about your feelings?”
  • Validate feelings. Whatever your kid feels is normal and okay. Let them know that. Feelings are okay. Tell them this.
  • Tell them it’s not okay for teachers or kids to be unkind or mean. If they tell you a story about a teacher who yelled or disrespected them (regardless of what they said or did) let them know that it’s not okay for an adult to treat them that way. Same goes for how they are treated by other children.
  • Thank them for sharing with you. Always appreciate their honesty and willingness to share the highlights and bright spots, as well as the difficult moments. This will fuel their confidence in telling you more.


Ms. Grey

Ruby Rocks Update

Canada, France, Ireland, Alaska, Hawaii, London, New Orleans, Disneyland and for most of us the comfort of our own backyard. These are just a few of the places our Ruby Rocks made it this summer. Pictures like this warmed our hearts and brought the Azevedo family so much joy to see Ruby's bright spirit taken around the world. Thank you for sharing your pictures and being so supportive to the Azevedo family. If you have photos and want to upload them to Instagram please tag @Ruby_Rose_Rocks or #Ruby_Rose_Rocks. If you do not have Instagram and would like to share your pictures please email:

Thank you again for your participation and love,

Grant Community Cares Team

Kindergarten & First Grade Back to School Night- Thursday, 8/22 at 6:15 pm

Parents of Kindergarten and First Grade students:

Please join us in the Grant multipurpose room at 6:15 pm for Back to School Night! You'll hear a brief introduction from Ms. Grey and your PTA president, Lisa Johnson. From there, you'll hear from your child's teachers about what to expect this school year. The event is expected to end by 7:15pm. We look forward to seeing you!

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We are excited to announce the Fall lineup of After School Enrichment Classes:

  • Mondays: Chess for Kids and TGA Golf
  • Tuesdays: Zumba / Hip Hop (new class!!) and STEM Foundation with Legos
  • Wednesdays: Spanish and Martial Arts/Taekwondo
  • Thursdays: Jurassic DinoWorld
  • Fridays: Piano, Jewlery Making and Girls United Soccer Academy

Look for more information in the upcoming week of grade ranges, how to register, and start/end times on our Facebook page and in our Weekly Grant News update. Also visit the After School Enrichment Information Tables at our Back to School Nights! We will have individual flyers as well as representatives from some of the programs available to talk with parents.

Questions: contact Maryann at

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Art Docent Opportunity

Are you interested in art? Do you like children? Combine the two in a unique volunteer opportunity! The Art Docent Program is looking for volunteer docents to teach art in elementary grade classrooms. Absolutely no art experience is necessary- all you need is a love of art and the desire to bring art into children’s lives. Volunteer time is flexible and training time is minimal.

We will be having an Informational meeting for all interested people:

When: Wednesday, 9/4 @ 9 a.m.

Where: McDowell Elementary (room A2) 421 South McDowell Blvd.

Please contact Alyse Breece, Art Docent Coordinator at or phone


A Message from our Attendance Clerk: What to do if your Student is Absent

If your student is out due to an illness, please notify the office each day they are out. Please leave a message 24/7 on our dedicated attendance line at (707) 259-9050, or feel free to send an email to

If your student will be out for an extended period of time, please notify the office in writing or leave a message with the dates that they will not be in class.

Independent Study is an option if your student will be absent from school for five or more consecutive days. An Independent Study Contract will keep absences from being unexcused. Please notify your student’s teacher a minimum of at least two weeks before the date you are planning to leave to participate in Independent Study.

Absences are considered excused for the following reasons:

1. Student Illness

2. Student medical appointment

3. Bereavement (some restrictions apply…please contact our office)

4. Some religious observances

If you have any additional questions at all, please feel free to stop by the office or leave a message. We are happy to help.

Independent Study Requests

If you and your family take a trip while school is session for a period of 5 days for more, we highly encourage you to request an independent study packet for you student complete. This packet ensures that your student will stay current with curriculum and will also save our school district hundreds of dollars while your student is absent.

To ensure that your student's teacher has enough time to compile the work for your independent study packet, please request the packet from your teacher no less than two weeks prior to your trip. Please also remember to turn in the work as soon as your student returns. Thank you!

Please Label Belongings

Please be sure to label your student's clothing, lunchpails, water bottles and backpacks before sending them to school. We are working hard to prevent loss of all the back to school items you just bought!

Create Your Grant PTA Account online

You don't have to become a member to create a PTA Account, but why not join while your'e at it? Your PTA Account will put valuable information at fingertips, plus members will have access to the new online school directory. We will be adding more features through the year. Click here to quickly create your account.

Next School Year's Calendar

Wondering when to plan family vacations and schedule your student's doctor appointments next year? Here is the link to the 2019-2020 Petaluma City Schools calendar!

In the Thank You Colum

  • Big thank you to Isabel Melara, Napo Melara and David Borin for helping with the Kindergarten-New Families BBQ. Thank you to all the families who came, to Rosalie Thompson for setting up the volunteer table and to Principal Grey for being there to answer questions.
  • It takes a dedicated volunteer to clean out the PTA closet on a hundred degree day. Big thank you to Lisa Johnson, Rosalie Thompson and Kelly Garzelli for making it organized and clean.
  • Thank you to rockstar Ana Barrera of for serving up a delicious Grant PTA Teachers lunch.
  • Many thanks to Rosalie Thompson for organizing the welcome coffee on the first day of school. Well done!

At A Glance


August 22-Kinder & 1st Back to School 6:15-7:15pm


September 2- Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

September 4- Back to School Night Grades 2-6

September 9-13- Book Fair

September 13- Grant PTA BBQ, 5:30-7pm

September 19- Picture Day

September 20- Picture Day