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Fall 2015

I feel like we just returned from the summer and then I look at the calendar and cannot believe that October begins this week!
Classes have all been scheduled, books are flying off the shelves and research projects are underway.
Please visit the library's wiki (link is above) to see my schedule and to explore in more detail the projects that the grades are doing in collaboration with me.

New Titles in Our Library!


Kindergarteners are learning the routine of the library. You can still hear the hokey pokey as they practice using the shelf markers. Currently, we are:
  1. practicing how to be responsible library patrons
  2. exploring the picture book and nonfiction collections
  3. book care rules
Soon we will be focusing on nonfiction books and the text features that nonfiction authors use to help us find the answers to our information questions.

First Grade

The students are working together on a guided research project. We have been using books, ebooks, and video to gather facts about an animal. Mrs. Lang's and Ms. Johnston's class are investigating bats while Mrs. Wolfendale's class is studying hedgehogs. We are going to use these facts to create a poster puzzle and animal clues to share with friends in another elementary school.

A special thank you goes out to our Technology Department for setting up and running the Polycom equipment for these meetings!

Our meetups will take place:

Oct. 13th at 10:00 AM Ms. Johnston's class will meet Ms. Horn's class from Glen Rose, TX
Oct. 15th at 2:00 PM Mrs. Wolfendale's class will meet Ms. Alford's class from Flint, MI
Oct. 16th at 2:00 PM Mrs. Lang's class will meet Ms. Fochtman's class from Roseville, MI

We are also learning a song for each animal to share with our new friends. You can find the songs on our library wiki.

(Hedgehog photo by Tony Wills)

Second Grade

Our classes have been looking critically at nonfiction books and finding ways that the author helps us locate information quickly. These text features include:
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter Headings
  • Captions
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Special Fonts
  • Labels
  • Photographs and Maps

We are now ready to use these features to find the answer to our information questions. We will be using the Super Three Research Model to:

  • Plan--brainstorm our information questions and find the resources we need to answer them
  • Do--Read the books and websites; take notes of the important ideas; write a script; take the video
  • Review--watch the video my group created; watch the other groups' videos

Third Grade

This year began with a review of how to do searches on our web catalog and understanding the call numbers of books. We are now creating maps of our library so that we can go on book hunts. One of the important skills that all third graders should build upon and master is how to use the catalog to find a book and then using the call number to locate the book on the shelf. We will be revisiting this skill throughout the year.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade has been visiting the library for book selection. Our schedule is different than in past years. Library skills are introduced and reinforced through collaborative projects with the classroom teachers.

5th Grade Brown Bag Book Club Begins!

When: C Days at 12:05 (begins on October 8th)
Where: Library
What: Bring your lunch, sit back, listen & join the conversation

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders have been visiting the library during their tutorial periods. We have used the time to explore the Discovery Education database and create paper slide videos about the Pueblo Indians. Currently, we have just begun to explore the many facets of Christopher Columbus. Who was the man and the myths that surround him? After our investigation is completed, the students will write an argumentative essay and respond to a myth on Voicethread.

To view our projects, visit the library wiki!