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December 21st-27th

Contact Information

Office Hours: Tues-Fri 9am-2pm

Office Admin: Abby Keller

: James Baumgartner 907.310.0342

Family Life Director: Britt Baumgartner 907.310.0341

Faith Community Nurse: Sally Coburn

Servants and Missionaries: ORLC Members

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Checks can be mailed to ORLC -- P.O. Box 670150 Chugiak, AK 99567

Rev. George Rakos

George passed away unexpectedly on the morning of Dec. 20th. He faithfully served the people of Alaska for decades, though you might know him best by filling in for Pastor James at ORLC. He was a blessing to many, a faithful child of God to be sure, who lived each day for the Lord. Condolences may be sent to Carolyn Rakos, 13120 Foster Road, Anchorage, AK 99516


We're sending a team out through Alaska Mission for Christ this summer! Join us June 2-7 as we head out to Kenny Lake (near Chitina) to work on the old Sapa compound. It's recently been acquired and is being repurposed for Lutheran ministries, teen camps, etc... Whether you can swing a hammer or flip a hamburger, we need you! Cost will be roughly $150.
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Volunteer Board

There is a new Volunteer Board. If you would like to volunteer as an Acolyte, play special music during service, or serve as a Coffee Barista find a date that works best for you! If you would also like to be added to our Lector Reader Schedule please email Abby Keller at office@orlc-ak.org. Or if you are interested in serving on the Altar Guild please contact Marianne Dabbs.

ORLC Servant Leadership Board-

The ORLC Servant Leadership Board, located in the narthex hallway, is now updated should you need to reach out to any of our Elders or Council members.

DCE Intern

We would like to welcome our DCE intern to Alaska with a gift. There will be a basket placed in the narthex if you would like to give gift cards. Any cash gifts will be used to help stock him up for his Alaskan adventure.

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Chrismon Info Sheet

There are Chrismon information sheets on the connection corner table. Each Chrismon that is hung on the tree has a different Symbol embroidered on it. The information sheets tell what each symbol represents.

Community Light Bible Study-

The Community Light Bible Study will be taking a short break for the Holiday season. Classes will be canceled for three weeks 12/26, 01/02, or 01/09 .

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The Good Life in Christ — Ethics for the Christian Disciple

The next round of Community Light Bible Studies will look at ethical issues from God’s perspective. How do divine commands shape our ethical decision-making? What divine virtues are we designed to reflect? How does God motivate our morality as Christian disciples? We’ll look at the crucial functions of justice, love, humility, vocation, and freedom in the life and witness of the Christian. Sundays, 6-7pm, beginning Dec. 5.

General Information

2023 Tour of the Holy Land

  • **NEW DATES** ORLC is hosting a 10-day tour of the Holy Land, January 10-19, 2023. More information on the Connections Corner or you can download the brochure on our website Israel Tour.

Alaska Mission for Christ

  • To learn how you can serve, email TELLMEMORE@AMCLCMS.ORG or call the AMC Servant Event Coordinator, Jan Bruick @ 402-461-9691.

December Calendar of Events

Friday December 24th

  • 4:00pm Christmas Eve Service
  • 6:00pm Christmas Eve Service

Saturday December 25th

  • 10:00am Christmas Day Service

Sunday December 26th

  • 10:00am Children's Advent Service

Serving the Lord in December

Friday Christmas Eve Service 4:00pm

Altar Guild: Marianne Dabbs

Accompanist: Jess Della Croce

Lector: Angie Nishimura

Friday Christmas Eve Service 6:00pm

Altar Guild: Evelyn Sampson

Accompanist: Steve Eng

Lector: Martha Wilkins

Saturday Christmas Day Service 10:00am

Accompanist: Britt Baumgartner

Lector: Jane Walker

Sunday December 26th

Altar Guild: Mary Losey $ Gaye Sarvela

Accompanist: Carol Shearer

Lector: Chuck Semmler

December Birthdays & Anniversaries

December Birthdays

25 Jennifer Bierl

25 Martha Wilkins

26 Anthony Della Croce

27 Alex Reynolds

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