Read Like A Rockstar!

SEM-PARP February 1, 2016

Mystery Monday

Mysteries are so much fun to solve! There are many mystery books written for children. Piecing together the clues to find the culprit keeps you turning the pages of a mystery!

Don't forget Book Fair Family Night is tomorrow at SEM at 5:15pm!

Will your child be in the Rockin' Readers Hall of Fame?

During PARP, your child has been working to earn 3 different badges. Earning all 3 badges will win a place in the Rockin' Readers Hall of Fame! How do you get the badges?

- Shelfie Badge: Bring in a picture of yourself reading.

-LIbrary Love Badge: Bring in your library card! Or, visit the Farmingdale Library and sign up for your library card. The librarians will give you a badge!

-Fantastic Fact Badge: Read an informational book or text and write down one cool fact on the record in your PARP packet. Be sure to hand all of these papers to your teacher!

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What is your family's favorite book to read together?

This is the final week of PARP! Be sure to add the books your family enjoys to our school community Padlet! Just click on this link: and then double-click anywhere on the page. A box will come up. Write your family's name where it say title and then type away! You just need to click on the screen when you are finished- no need to save anything.