Friday, March 20, 2015

Lent: Giving Up Mediocrity

If you are going to do something, give it all you've got!


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iStory Books is Now Free (for a limited time)

The PR department of iStoryBooks announced today that all their books are now free for the iPad and Android.
Directions for getting a free premium subscription are copied below.
To request a free subscription, go to and click the “contact us” link on the web page.Include promotion code TCH0315 in the message. You will then be contacted with further instructions.
The free subscription provides access to 55 eBooks including 55 books.

10 EASY places for Collaboration!

Aaron Couch, on MakeUsOf gives his ideas on what are the best places for collaboration, using the criteria:

6 Random Name Selectors

Some of the things you can do with apps below include randomly pick student names and teams, divide students into different groups, create random teams in class and many more!

A New Approach to Poetry

So how can we as teachers foster close reading, overcome fear of the genre, and cultivate a love for poetic language without getting bogged down in lessons that feel like dissection labs? Brett Vogelsinger, on Edutopia suggests several tips for keeping poetry-reading activities brisk and bright.


Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?

This infographic from Online College illustrates the answers college freshmen gave to questions about the effect of texting on their grammar. It might be fun to poll your own students. Click on the link to see entire infographic.