Social Security Act


The program is intended to help anyone who is disabled or unemployed.

Its intended to help elders, and the disabled get back on their feet after the stock market crash.

I believe the social security act was a good relief on the economic crisis because it helped elders and the disabled prosper who couldn't do anything for themselves. It brought many people out of poverty.

A Program of Reform

The Social Security Act is a reform program of President Roosevelt's New Deal. It falls under the Reform category, because it is a permanent program that will help avoid another depression. It will also help those who are disabled and senior citizens not be as affected.
The Social Security Act of 1935

The video talks about how the SSA was a success and how it also affected the U.S. It made a big impacts because it brought many people out of poverty. It brought hope to many families who could no longer provide for their children cause of their disabilities.

  • Ended poverty

Does this program still exist today?

Yes the Social Security Act does still exist to this day although there is a speculation that it might not continue to exist. There are differences to when it existed befor to now. Before all it covered was elders now it covers elders and the disabled and also the widows and children of those who were disabled.
The Social Security Act helped me understand the severity of the Great Depression. The elders who could not fend for themselves suffered, because now they didn't have money or help from anyone. As well as the disabled who could not work to earn their money because of their disability. The social security act helped the, get back ok their feet and not have to worry about if they will be affected in case of another Depression.