The Province of South Carolina

By: Seanna Hoffman and Kayleigh Watson

Climate and Resources

South Carolina is the warmest of the 3 regions, which makes growing crops easier than it would be if it was always cold. Winter is usually easy to survive through. Plenty of large plantations for growing an abundance of crops.


The word Carolina originally came from the word Carolus, the Latin word for Charles, named after the King of England.


We makes most of our money off of rice, indigo, tobacco, cotton, sugar, and cattle. There are plenty of slaves to work on your plantations if you decide to start one. To be the wealthiest of all of the colonies get yourself a plantation.

King Charles II gave a royal charter to 8 people to found South Carolina


We have the only available sea port in our city of Charleston in all of the Southern Colonies. We use this port for trading goods with other countries. We import dishes, shoes, thread, and farming tools. More money in our pocket, which means more in yours.

When did Carolina split into 2 different colonies?

Carolina became 2 separate colonies in 1729. There is our colony, the Province of South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Religious Views

Here in the province of South Carolina there is no dominant religion, but there are 3 different religious views that are popular. There is the French Huguenots, the Anglicans, and some descendants of the people who came from the Church of England.